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Whats that orange bit for?

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This is probably a really daft question but I am very ignorant when it comes to things electrical. What is the little brown / orange thing between the connections on a slot car motor? I guess it is a resistor or capacitor, but why is it there and what difference does it make if it is removed?

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which car is slow?

the capacitor sould not affect the speed, but scalextric arrange it and a black spacer to make sure the wires dont short out to each other or the motor casing. chech thant the bare wires near the motor on the slow car are not touching anything, or else are insulated.

however, this could be a red herring
baz - what about inside your next door neighbours slot cars? Then you wouldn't have snow on your TV when they felt like racing
hmmmm - that last post did sound more like inte than the bespectecaled mild manared Baz
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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