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Whats that orange bit for?

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This is probably a really daft question but I am very ignorant when it comes to things electrical. What is the little brown / orange thing between the connections on a slot car motor? I guess it is a resistor or capacitor, but why is it there and what difference does it make if it is removed?

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It's a capacitor if it is across the motor terminals (Scalextric and SCX) and it is a resistor if it is inline with one of the leads (Ninco).

Neither makes any difference to the running of the cars, but are there to reduce electrical interferance produced by the cars. They were introduced so that Scalextric cars could be run in the same room as a TV. Without them when the motor runs, it starts snowing on the tele.

Nope, sorry.

Can't think what the problem is if you have swapped everything but the body and chassis...

Maybe the chassis is warped or you have contact problems between the braids and the motor?

If the slow one has a cap, remove it. If it has blown then it will slow the motor down.

My second one got deleted before I even managed my first post. Boy, Nuro was on the ball that day...

1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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