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Non-conductive is technically accurate. While you might not notice a huge improvement for analog racing after cleaning/treating with INOX, the difference for digital racing is remarkable, and definitely not placebo or the same as other solutions. Clearly, it does help conduction between the rails and the braid, as the digital signal is cleaner and stronger when the rails are treated with INOX. Looking back, I wish I had video of when I first used it, as that would have reduced the debate significantly. Unfortunately, I do not, and my track has never performed as badly as it did when it was "clean" without INOX.

The stuff gets rave reviews because it IS effective and DOES improve performance, especially for digital. Why it helps is to do with metallurgy and chemistry, which is hard for me to understand and even harder for me to explain. Sometimes, though, words are not enough, and one must simply see the effects to admit that it helps. Hopefully those who have not even tried it will at least admit the possibility that so many people are not imagining things, and maybe try it for themselves some day.

Those who are interested, who have not already read it, might consider reading my original post describing what happened when I tried INOX for the first time. This was AFTER I posted about using other cleaners to get clean rails, which I was told time and again was the best way to get good performance. INOX is NOT my idea, by the way, even though I've become "the guy who always raves about INOX" on here and elsewhere. The original idea, I believe, was via BillyCart. Ember also used and recommended it. I wished I had taken their suggestions earlier than I did, but it's been great slotting since then anyway.
Here's the link to my post... if you've read this far, why not a little more? And for even more fun, check out all the disbelievers and converts that follow in that thread after my post:
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