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We all had go faster ideas but who out there is willing to stand up and admit to the failed ideas .I think my biggest ever slot racing turkey was the time I turned up at southport with an electronic antilock braking system,this consisted of a relay in the brake line being switched on and off by a variable speed multi vibrator circuit ,made a great buzzing sound and did switch the brakes in and out like I designed it to , did it help ? NO!
Lets here those slot racing turkey stories now!
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Geeze, let me count the ways. From 59 through 61, I was just happy that something worked...then: 62, Scale working suspsnsion on a Lotus 19, Front motor rear drive working sus on a Ferrari, friction shocks, driveline U-joints.
In 63, I finally saw commercially made slot cars. Figured they knew what they were doing. So, carved balsa bodies with all the running gear "snapping" into the bottom of the body.
Not epoxying the rewinds to save weight(if I wind TIGHT enough!).
Quad winds.
Brass TUBING chassis, you know you are wrong when you end up putting the piano wire in the tube to hold it together!
Not buying Cox cars when they were cheap.

I could go on.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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