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What's with Scaleauto?

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Scaleauto is now about to release its second car, and the company's first real own car model:
Radicial SR-9, an original but also maybe a somewhat odd choice for a slot car.

Scaleauto cars isn't exactly common and easy to come by in the mainstream slot car racing business.
And their first and only slot car release before the Radical some years ago, Toyota GT One, was also
substantiallay derived from the old and outdated ProSlot version of the same car.

So what's with this elusive company, Scaleauto? What is their position in the market?
I understand they're quite heavy biased to the tuning & spare parts of the business, i.e. motors and tools.

There's a connection to MRRC, but also to Slot.It. And also involvment in the 1/24 scene.
But if Scaleauto is part of MRRC, why this separate and elusive brand, and not simply only MRRC?

And is there by chance any connection to the "other" Scaleauto company in the US, (,
run by HO-guru Gary Beedle (BSRT) and Jim Russell, former boss of the legendary Russkit slot car company?

Many questions, but is anyone around here able to sort out this MRRC-Scaleauto enigma?
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Firstly scaleauto is part of MRRC. My understanding is (and i could be wrong) scaleauto was the parts section of the business but with the availability of the lightweight proslot GT one body molds the decision was made to brand that car scaleauto as a distinct "performance" brand. The chassis under it was substantially better than the pro slot version and is interchangeable with slot it pods. The gt one "scaleauto"vesion has been a very very competitive LMP car for a while now. I have a few and recently upgraded to the version 3 hard chassis and they go like a cut cat.
Most serious racers i know have a GT one or two and there is no doubt that the Radical will have a few folk lining up to buy them. Interestingly the new car comes with an anglewinder compatible chassis but only for flat 6 type motors. MRE reported at the nurnberg toy fair that there would be a "racing" version of this car released at some stage. Expect alloys and a different motor/ gear setup to the standard version.
As for being an odd choice to model? Perhaps radical did't charge large license fees?? This car is aimed at racers make no mistake about it and most racers just want the fast one regardless of what it is modelled on. Most of them got to know what a mosler was after they bought the slotcar.
I don't think there is any association to the US 'scaleauto" business. Just a confusing name association.
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Ahh Trevor your passion for this car is showing.

With the right setup these cars are right up there.

Did you tell them Travor that you can get F1 wheels and rubber on them as well.

Just nice to some thing different released,instead of 3 or 4 different manufacturers doing the same cars.
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Different? Different?? To quote Mugato from Zoolander, Is everyone taking crazy pills. ITS THE SAME LOOK. Blue Steel its beautiful.....

H at coat Im outa here.

Good choice of car - well done scaleauto.

so in effect, they are to mrrc what cosworth is to ford, ie they make animals from the ordinary
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QUOTE (Ratracer @ 19 Dec 2009, 06:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Ahh Trevor your passion for this car is showing.

With the right setup these cars are right up there.

Did you tell them Trevor that you can get F1 wheels and rubber on them as well.


Hey don't give away all my secrets. yes you can and the slot it offset pod works well. I have a gt one with a mb slot krahs geared 11/26 but preferred it at 11/27 I use the NSR f1 hubs ( a trick i learned from Bill) that way you don't need to use spacers to stop any movement of the armature on the gear when cornering. It is a perfect fit. I have used all sorts of motor/gear combos in this car and it copes with all of them. King evo 21 and 10/24 gears was particularly spectacular on the big track. I am looking forward to the new release and the release of the slot it 23k 250 gcm torque motor i can see a 2.2 to 2.38 gear eatio and a blinder of a car coming up. Its no secret i love this car but with good reason. I won an open class race by over 12 laps with this car..... 12 laps. That in 4 x 3 minute heats. I am an ordinary driver so i can tell you that is serious car advantage. One huge advantage of the gt one as a race car is that it doesn't deslot when hitting de slotted cars it just scoops them up and throws them out of the way. This usually accounts for at least one less deslot per race. Plus has the added advantage of the marshall having to track down the deslotted car (which may be your closest competitor) Hopefully scaleauto have built in the secret advantage feature into the new car.
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I luv these beasts,owning 2 at present, 20k blue can & ?29/30k black short can, will definately get the Radical. They run really well out of the,....humm, err 'box' with minor fettling to make them race competative at our club. I use scaleauto motors a lot, initially owning to cost but standalone are solid performers with a vast arrray of options available.
hi just had to say ive got scaleauto RS200 & im very impresed with it. detailed body & parts & i have upgraded & modified it it goes well . am geting src pug205T16 evo2 so will compair laptimes .but my rs200 will be favorite allways.
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Wow! Talk about resurrecting a thread. But, my, this made me think how far they have come.

Can't say I lurve my distorted RS200 but I do love m' Spyker. And m' 991. And m' Pantera (the bits of it I've managed to keep stuck together, that is). And I'm looking forward to my NSX. Oh, and m' Nakajima Tyrrell when it finally breaks cover.

Yep, they've come a long way. (y)
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I thought the same which sent me off looking at resurrecting both the RS200 & 6R4 shells gathering dust as they were both originally rubbish...apparently the new chassis bolt straight in but can't find an upgrade kit as a package.
hi guys,im back into slotcars after last track in1990's. scaleauto rs200 is home series & ive so far added detail to engine bay & interior/drivers cockpit by painting. but i havefitted NSR rally guide with spring & am trying to find set of teamslot white oz racing rally wheels with red writing/logo,& upgrade tires. so far though its loads better than what was around in 1993. any advice would be welcome thanks in advance.ill post more details& photos when all is finished on this project
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am trying to find set of teamslot white oz racing rally wheels with red writing/logo,& upgrade tires.
If you’ve got a spare set of Scaleauto RS200 wheels as a result, please let me know. Beer tokens available for them, just slide in ma DMs… as my kids say! 🤷‍♂️
You could buy a cheap ninco celica if these are the wheels you want
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood
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RS200 wheels are different

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I found the info I was after.

RS200 Home series rolling chassis: SC-6155

RS200 R-series rolling chassis: SC-6155R

Metro 6R4 Home series rolling chassis: SC-6153

MG 6R4 R-series rolling chassis: SC-61153R

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Cheers, they are completely different, I can't find an image of the RS200 with any logo on the wheels.
You could buy a cheap ninco celica if these are the wheels you want View attachment 347868
hi bud,thats the wheels i want! would you sell that car? let me know or any ideas where to look
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