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QUOTE (compound_goose @ 10 Apr 2004, 16:21)whoops.... sorry i forgot to put slot in

Depends really on what I'd be driving...

32nd scale:
no-mag? ninco beemer with parma excaliber 32 chassis
lo-mag? porsche 956, scaley GT40, scaley lola, scx audi R8 (after a LOT of work...)
full magnet? porsche 956, fly venturi, fly porsche 917 (spyder and K), scaley new mini

24th scale:
Tamiya porsche 935-78 turbo with White-point chassis
White-point Lola T70
Kyosho Mini-Z toyota supra with PC-board chassis

currently working my way to a no-magnet set-up for the porsche 956, also building a SMER 1950 alfetta grand prix racer


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If we are talking the 132 track:
right now it's my FLY Corvette C5R and Marcos LM 600. (They fit in to our GT-class)
The Proslot Porsche 911 GT2 (RIP) and Alfa Romeo 156 are loads of fun because of the sliding ang the handling.
If we are talking about the 132 rallye track:
It's gotta be my Team Slot Lancia Delta Integrali 4x4. superb handling on this one.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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