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I have a set I bought on our local online auction site.
They were listed as having a 3/32 ID which they do not.
They suit a larger a diameter axle.
This leads me to think they may be Ninco or Spirit or ???
Mine did not have the bake disc fitted and looks like they have been drilled for the larger size grubscrew but not tapped.
There are dings, dents and scratches on you want them?

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I have no need of them. PM me.
The Plastic insert, I mentioned above, turns out to be a washer.
Axle hole DIA. 2.44mm
Axle Dia. 2.35mm, tyres rubber, 19 x 9mm

If I could get another pair, rears, say 16 x 11mm that would be great. I can drill and insert a grub screw for them. The fronts, these, INDEPENDENT FRONT WHEEL AXLE setup with TCW. OH, and Zeros.
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