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When is a dealer not a dealer?

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Jonny S. wrote:-

QUOTE "Genuine question bearing in mind a SF member recently sold a bloomin big collection on here?

Seemed to me he was offering them at a silly price and would have made a few people very happy?"

If you are referring to the collection that I sold via SF to another SF member, then the answer is no, I'm not a dealer.

Kind regards

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There is a pretty obvious difference between a long standing, well established and HIGHLY respected member disposing of some excess personal equipment and a One-Post-Newbie advertising over SEVENTY sets which he admits he bought cheap and is selling purely for profit. This would almost certainly be seen as treading on legitimate dealers' toes.

While there might be occasional gray areas, this most certainly isn't one of them!
Seems crystal clear to me.
It sure beats the heck out of me why one person, who appears not to be involved in selling, whether commercially or not, persists in stubbornly scratching and picking at this same subject.
The simple rules are posted in Swap Shop for anyone to read.
There is nothing particularly complex about them, EXCEPT perhaps for someone seeking to bend or break them.
A definitive statement was given HERE
Nuro has now posted yet a further explanation for those who either couldn't or wouldn't comprehend previous writings.

Enough already!
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