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When is a dealer not a dealer?

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Jonny S. wrote:-

QUOTE "Genuine question bearing in mind a SF member recently sold a bloomin big collection on here?

Seemed to me he was offering them at a silly price and would have made a few people very happy?"

If you are referring to the collection that I sold via SF to another SF member, then the answer is no, I'm not a dealer.

Kind regards

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The Swap shop is to allow members to exchange, swap and sell their Slot-car related wares. If somebody has one or one hundred card that they want to get rid of then that's fine.

If a person buys a car with the intent to resell it at a profit then they're dealing in slotcars. It is best for them to put it up on eBay. They can provide a link somewhere appropriate to allow prospective buyers to see their goods.

If a few sets become available on the market, then it is ok to share the information, but if someone starts a home business of buying the sets with the explicit intent to resell them - then in my opinion they are dealing and should act in a responsible manner, pay taxes and be fair to other dealers who pay good money to advertise on sites such as SlotForum.

You wouldn't want all the European Slot-car dealers posting all over the place on the forum with their latest releases and special deals would you?
I've just removed Jacko's last post and closed this as we are sure to now understand the issue.

If Jacko can't read the previous posts, the rules and the PM messages I'm sending him then I have no more time for him.
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