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When is a dealer not a dealer?

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Jonny S. wrote:-

QUOTE "Genuine question bearing in mind a SF member recently sold a bloomin big collection on here?

Seemed to me he was offering them at a silly price and would have made a few people very happy?"

If you are referring to the collection that I sold via SF to another SF member, then the answer is no, I'm not a dealer.

Kind regards

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Russel I was asking a genuine question as it seemed that quantity was the issue? Have e mailed Nuro and he is dealing with my enquiry.
My point was taken the wrong way. It was not intended to be personal nor am I accusing Russel of being a dealer. I asked a question in relation to setting the standard on the forum, the result of which should prevent a problem in the future.

In my view, a member is an equal member and should be treated with equal respect irrespective of how long they have been signed up here. Anyone who sells something is usualy selling it to make a profit. The point made earlier regarding the Carerra sets may have had a point but wasn`t Transit selling his sets very cheaply? Why,when some people had stated they wanted one or two, is that a problem? How is it different to selling a shed load of cars? Again,that is not aimed at Russel but I ask in the interest of a fair and level playing field. How you aquired your collection and at what price is irrelevant, otherwise we would open a real can of worms. We are all grown ups here and can make our own informed decisions. I don`t need a Nanny thanks.
I`m happy with that. That`s my attitude to `dealers` in a nut shell. I`ve posted before that I disagree with `Del Boy` traders at swapmeets. To me it seems simple . Swap here, not sell then it`s sorted in one , sell on e bay. That would be my suggestion because you cannot police if someone is getting rid of a collection or bought them with the intention of selling to make a profit.
Of course it doesn`t because dealers pay Tax on their profits, VAT and property rent for their retail units,business rates........etc.etc.etc.
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