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Alan Tadd
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Nice thread Gary....

In the 1:1 World the term "Classic car" is not too well defined. Other terms such as Vintage or Veteren have specific construction dates which clearly define which group a specific car belongs to.

To try and define "Classic" a little better there are two taxation points that are used...1st January 1973. All cars built before this date do not pay road tax and written on their disc is "Historic vehicle". If you try and claim Company tax for a "Classic car" the Inland Revenue say it must be over 20 years old and worth more than £15,000.

There is another class of Classic car and this is the "Modern Classic", and this is applied to cars older than 15-20 years, in regards to anything which appears collectable...Ummmm.

So I would say the definitions could be 1) Classic Car - Up to 1973
2) Modern Classic - 1973-1990.

All open to discussion and could make an interesting new Racing class....


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