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Hi folks,

I need help to find a website.

This afternoon I visited a guy I've been buying Scalextric track parts from before.
We had a cup of coffee and he let me dig into his collection and find what I needed for my future track-project. I bought a few odd bits and sections I need for a 4-lane 'Sebring', and while money and track parts changed hands, he threw a few "Pebbles" into my bag. 'Good for cleaning' he said. 'Bought 'em in the UK'

Ok, so these "Pebbles" are small black and grey Scotch-Brite looking sponges.
They are cut so that they almost look like small crackers, or a tiny sandwich, a grey spongy-looking inner, and a black tar-looking fine-grit outside. Just wide enough to cover a typical Scalextric steel slot.

You hold one of these against the slot, and pull it back and forth rather gently. All the possible dirt, oxides and perhaps stains of rust on old track parts, are removed in a breeze.

This product is simply wonderful.

Now, all I know is that the nick name for these are "pebbles" and they are supposed to be found in some web shop and they are for track cleaning purposes.

Have any of you people ever heard of this product, and do you know where I can buy more? Is it a well known cleaning product in this hobby? I need to find more of it.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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