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Im just starting with scalextric cars and need to know where to buy spares.

At the moment i need a front bumper for an Escort Mexico.

Can anybody tell me a website that lists old spares and also repro spares and the repro boxes.


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Hi Andy,

Dealers such as Pendle and Slot Bug (which is an off-shoot of Slot City) sell loads of repro Scalextric parts - you should be able to find what you looking for there.

Web addresses are:

Good luck and welcome to SF,



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Hi Andy

The best place i have found for replacement bits for Slot cars (Collectable) is BTS mouldings:

They sell lots of replacement part for all brands but mainly Scalextric.

Ocasionally some of their parts need a little work (like bumper mounting posts not being exactly right) but their range is very impresive.

The list of parts is not on the web site, but drop them a line and they will send you a list.

Try and order several bits together rather than one at a time (saves your postage).

The only other place is Slot Mania in Spain.

They stock a large range of replacement parts for the Spanish Scalextric cars. Their english is not great and postage might be high, but the parts are generally of good quality.

Apart from that the only other advise would be to come to an NSCC swapmeet (oh here he goes again!) most of the bigger traders bring along bins of spares (not normally shown on their web sites) it a rumage through, but you might just find the bit your after. - See the NSCC section on the forum for the next meeting.

Good luck (don't forget when you do find the Escort front bumper - there are several types! lights, no lights, etc - get the right one)

Gareth Jex
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