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Where do you buy your 1/43 people/figures?

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As the title says, where do you buy your 1/43 people?

Maybe you make your own? Show them to us.

To start off, I use Denizen Miniatures white metal figures:

And, as spectator scene fillers, I use a lot of cheap Chinese 1/50 figures and repaint them.

Regards, Lloyd.
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Since my track will not be overcrowded I make the figures myself.

I take figures that I have lying around, cut them into surgical pieces, copy these pieces and make new poses / shapes / outfits or whatever for them.

The figures you see here are my own works - excl. the girls which originally were from Denizen and I changed the poses to get grid girls with signposts.

Here are a few made from Chinaklones. They show new poses, some have changed clothes. Since they are a bit smaller than 1/43rd they will be placed a bit more in the background.


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I got Vroom figures from ebay in france.

and nice "Preiser" figures from GoKarli in Germany.

and some cheap figures from china (ebay and aliexpress)
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I have some of the Chinese 'copy' figure and they are ok for filling in areas

Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Plant

I find they tend to be a bit on the skiney side and the scale quite often listed as O gauge can very between 1/40th and 1/50th scale. Although they are a cheap way to fill a stand

Transport hub Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Mode of transport

I also have a few sets of the vintage Corgi Silverstone figures..


Toy Gesture Art Fictional character Lego


Toy Gesture Art Happy Font

Track officials

Gesture Toy Art Font Event

pit crew and drivers

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Window

You can also see some of my Promod pit crew (light blue) in this picture.

I also have a few white metal drivers and mechanics to build.

I've also collected a few vintage Corgi and Dinky figures that came with some of their cars and accessories

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Mrs Peel and fuel pump attendents, I also have Graham Hill and a few others.

Having had a 3D printer for some time I have tried to print my own figures but have never been happy with the detail level at 1/43rd scale and the amount of clean up required along with the time to get a high detail have put me of.

Human body Gesture Wood Art Toy

although they would be fine mixed in a crowd in the background.

At this point I, like probably a lot of people, had settled on using the Chinese figures in the stands and bulk for background fill and buying the quite expensive detailed figures for feature areas.

Now that has all changed. Back in December last year I bought and 3D resin printer and I can only say one word WOW

The detail you get is unbelievable, I have printer quite a few figures at 1/32nd scale and some at 1/43rd scale

Toy Sculpture Entertainment Art Porcelain

most of the above are 1/32nd scale but these are 1/43rd scale

Arm Blue Human body Sculpture Gesture

Unfortunatley one of the print supports ended up in the middle of the lady's face

I have well over a 100 different people to print and will do them in both 1/32nd and 1/43rd scale. These are scans of real people, at a few fairs in the US back in 2012/13 they had booths doing 3D body scans and prints, that are now in the public domain.

As to cost, well I should be able to print well over a 100 1/43rd scale figures from a 500ml bottle of resin which is about 30p each. The worst case I would think allowing for the wasted resin and some failed prints is about £0.50p each

Just need the weather to warm up a bit so I can start doing some more printing and then I need to find a good few hours to do some painting


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