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A little controller advise.

Think about how you will be using them. At home or at a club? Both?

With your set's PS and track connections, or a custom connection?

I have tried scaley set controllers, carrera thumb type, (the electronic, red ones), Parma econos,45 and 25 ohm, and PM.

Kids, adults, just your personal controller?

US, $25, the Parmas have 3 wires and can have any plug, and you can cut the wires and add any connection you like. perfectly adequate, choose the resistor for your preffered motor/magnet. Definately an upgrade from scaley set controllers. Cheap, maybe a good to start with and for kids or if you need 4. And seem to be pretty rugged, we used them a lot on my classic layout.

PM, start at US $50, can come with any plug, pretty much works with any car, mag no mag, any motor. 3 wires and can have any connection you may need. Highly recommended. You could buy one loaded for $150 for yourself, and one for $50 for your guests, and they will still have a better controller than most anyone else.
Highly recommended.

Carrera, probably only practical for a carrera layout, but I like the thumb controller, and out of the box much better than those scaley set controllers.

Then there is the new fly controller, and even more expensive ones, too numerous to account for here, and I have not personaly tried them.

If you order from the US, I would order multiple units, or some more accesories, tires etc. Despite taxes and so on, you will save a little on shipping. I order liquer from Spain, and cars from the UK, and I always order 2 or 3 , it costs about the same to ship as one unit, so you can save a little.

Maybe the club will have several you can test, or even one of the retailers within driving distance.
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