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Scott you are the Petersfeild tourist. Me and Mr M. get special "not from around these parts tickets" issued by the local council to allow us to enter the town.

If anyone without these special tickets tries to drive into town with the thought of buying slotcars at the phone booth (also known as folly models) then a emergency phone calls goes to the booth and it is shut down and the fake sign "back in five years" is put on the door.

I once got past the security screen by dressing as an old age pensioner, popping in to the post office first, then slowly walking in to the parade. I was later told that Geoff thought i was his younger brother!

The only other way to buy in Petersfield is to go racing on the third Wednesday of June on a leapyear and wear a red flower!


PS can't race Wednesday - sorry - Jim you will have to score - again!!!
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