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Lets not make it specific to one car as you are all going to say something from Ninco if I read the membership of this board right?

Pick 1 car each from the following manufacturers:-


My list is based on my ownership and these are the cars I keep coming back to for a good racing experience:-

Trans Am Camaro
Audi R8
Lola T70
Mitsubishi Pajero
Jaguar E-Type 1:24 scale


PS The topic title "Which car is the most f..."!
No I did not plan it that way. It just happened.

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Scalextric - TVR Tuscan
SCX - Audi R8
Fly - Porsche 908/3
Ninco - McLaren F1GT
Carrera - NEW Bentley 1/32
Audi R8 1/24
Proslot - Toyota GT1
SlotIt - Audi R8C Test livery
Team Slot - Nissan R390

ALL cars without mags, trued tires and balanced with lead....

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Note: Re-ordered alphabetically to remove someone's rather obvious Scalextric bias!
  • CARRERA - Not enough experience to select a favourite.
  • FLY - No favourite, too variable, don't like any of them!
  • NINCO - Without a doubt, their F1s. If you must race with mags, this is the way to do it. A BIG fun favourite in Club Racing.
  • SCALEXTRIC - All models prior to high mags - strong inclination towards the F1s and The Sauber-Mercedes LMP - LOWER grip equals MORE FUN!
  • SCX - Any rally car, but particularly the Celica

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Carrera - not enough experience. I've only got the 'old' Bentley (currently in bits) and minis (go 1:43)
Fly - Lancia Beta
Ninco - MacLaren FI GTR/Kart/XK120 (?)
Pink Kar - Ferrari 250 GTO
MRRC - Cobra
Scalextric - TVR Tuscan
SCX - Xsara 4wd

Overall the SCX Xsara wins, then the SCX Peug 206 and then the SCX Hyundai (get the pattern!)

All w/o magent and some strategic weight placement


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Most Fun cars (assuming we are talking racing here not collecting).

Scalextric - F1 Cars with no under pans (BRM's)
SCX - Audi R8 and Rally 4x4's
FLY - None - never raced a descent Fly car!
Ninco - Mc Laren GTR F1 - best even racing
Carrera - Maserati A6 GCS
Pro-Slot - Toyota GT-1
Pink Kar - Ferrari 250 GTO (with SCX motor)


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For me?

Fly - Porsche GT1/ Ferrari 512S
Ninco - Cobra
SCX - Astra DTM
Scalextric - Porsche 959
ProSlot - Ferrari 360 Modena /Alfa 156
Carrera - Bentley new chassis
MRRC - Porsche 904
Pink Kar - Ferrari 250 GTO (power plus)

All sans magnet except the Bentley which Definately looks more correct with a little magnetic downforce.

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Hee, hee. Cheating with Fly
  • Fly (Modern) - Marcos or Panoz LMP
  • Fly (Classic) - 908
  • Ninco - Any NC-1, any. You choose. They are just the dogs doo dahs.
  • Pink Kar - GTO with SCX can.
  • Proslot - Alfa 156 (do they ever deslot??)
  • SCX - Any 4wd WRC you care to mention. Love 'em! Sans magnet, of course
  • Scalextric - I got to name one?
  • Scalextric - Really?
  • Scalextric - Sidewinder Nascar then.

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This is a good thread, moped!

My choices (all non mag racers )

Carrera- Classic Nascars
Fly- Ferrari 512S
MRRC- Mercedes W154- fitted with Ninco wire wheels
Ninco- Ferrari 166, Testarossa and XK120 and with mags- Mclaren (NC1 only)
Pink Kar 250GTO, Bugatti or Auto Union, all SCX powered.
Scalextric- Renault 5
SCX- Tricky one this, I like so many, possibly Lancia 037 or Porsche 935 just a whisker out in front of everything else.

But, for me, more fun than all these are the Reprotec Abarth 1000s.


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Anyone else make the correlation here?

Fun cars, and mugnut free racers abound in the lists?

Okay, so Mooster ain't posted yet but is the love of installing tweakers really a more American phenomenon?

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ok, Moos is away trekking I dont know before you ask so i reply on his behalf!

Scalextric - dont think he likes them soo.. T/A maybe?
SCX - His Xsara
Fly - Oh his racing one!
Ninco - CLK GTR's
Carrera - doesnt buy them cause they got no mags!


scalex - er.. probably Porsche GT3
SCX - Arsetra (URGH!)
Ninco - our 4 hour enduro car! M3
Carrera - Cuda.. it's just got the coolness..
Proslot - enjoyment in looking at or driving? has to be 2 porsche's again the PS07 GT2 (yes that one) and Monroe GT3
Team Slot - Dunno a nissan maybe? Delta.. all the way!
Cartrix - Hyundai test car
MRRC - clubman kit things
vanquishmg - T270 or whatever as I only bought it for the diff!
PRS - Porsche 356
Fly - Capri or M3.. (both with lights yes I know) or pa(i)noz (in BSN's case


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In order:

Ninco - McLaren F1GTR (NC1)
Fly - Ferrari 512S CL
Vanquish - McLaren M8B
Scalextric - Williams FW14
SCX - Minardi PS01

Carrera not rated (only have 3 F1's and mag out old chasis, they just don't rate IMHO)

Racer Ferrari P4 and MRRC Chaparal are only kind of these makes I own and I rate them very highly!

WOW their are lots of ties and seconds!

Cheers. Ken R


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Okay, I will play too.

All cars running on routed track w/silicone tires, added weight, no magnets

Carrera -- Maserati A6Gcs --smooth and quick (really! even with old components)

Fly -- Ferrari 512 (C1 -- the best!)

MRRC -- Substantially reworked Maserati 250 -- Fangio lives!

Ninco -- lots to choose from! Tweaked Healey is probably quickest, but 250TR has been driven the most.

Scaley -- GT40 -- nice, but wins by default (not much Scaley competition in my stable)

SCX -- don't own any

But honestly folks, the most fun and satisfaction for me comes from running cars I have built myself. Give it a try.


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Good Link
Definatly seems to be a leaning towards non mag cars

Carrera - Jag D Type sans Mag
Fly - Capri sans Mag
Ninco - My Pajero's and Cobra's are great fun but for different reasons. Lets call it a tie

Pinkkar - Ferrari 250 GTO
Proteus - Lambo Murcielargo sans mag more realistic
Scalextric - Banger Minis are fantastic fun
SCX - Scooby Colin Mcrea version 4x4 no mag

All run on scaley classic and sport track, with only mods being a bit of tyre truing.


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FLY: Porsche GT1, the (late, great) Bob Wollek car. Like the original, mine always finishes second.
NINCO: Ferrari F1 is my fave F1 of all. A really nice balance of engine, tyres and magnet strength in a well-handling chassis. Well done Ninco!
SCX: a tie between the Peugeot 206 for sheer brutal driving like a real one, and an old Rickard Rydell Volvo with steering and weight that somehow corners on two wheels - huge grin factor.
PINKKAR: Bugatti. Glue the engine mountings is the tip for smooth power with the stock motor.
SLOT.IT: Audi with the magnetic suspension kit. Fast, smoooooooth and stable.
SCALEXTRIC: Formula Jnr Lotus. No magnet, Ackerman steering and the rear end squats under power, mine has more miles than anything else I have, all earned when I was a lot younger and Jim Clark drove it against Jack Brabham's Cooper every school holidays on the floor of my parent's lounge room (the old Scalex Set 31 with double inner curves...).

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QUOTE FLY - None - never raced a descent Fly car!

Jexy, you forget my pre-disastered 908 Flunder that the club bullies boys (yes, you too) banned despite it being eligible. Still, I got partial revenge with the 250 GTO tonight.

Carrera - Plymouth Speedbird #42
Fly - 908 flunder
Ninco - McLaren F1
Pink Kar - 250 GTO with SCX motor
Proteus - duno - not ot any
ReproTech - Abarth 500
Scalextric (new) - Camaro
Scalextric (old) - 288 GTO (although technically it's 50% SCX, I know)
Spirit - Ferrari 512M
SCX - Ferrari F188
Team Slot - Lancia Delta Integrali
Top Slot - Toyota Supra GT


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Our club rules and regs for car classes are way too wierd for me to explain (probably because i cant') but generally we have a Fly classic class that this would go in.

The class that Scott wants to run in was for GT40's Cobras, 250 GTO's, etc, etc.

No real reason, but wasn't a problem as his GTO was a class winner anyway! Mine wasn't quite as good as Scott's a bit more track time may sort it.


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Moped started this topic over at SCI after seeing the comments and lists people posted here.
I think I will let both sides run abit more and then produce a USA favorite versus European favorite chart- I think it will be Very interesting style and perception wise ehh?

Of course so I am not accused of cutting any particular board out, I will post the same post on Both boards.
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