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Which car is the the most fun car?

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Lets not make it specific to one car as you are all going to say something from Ninco if I read the membership of this board right?

Pick 1 car each from the following manufacturers:-


My list is based on my ownership and these are the cars I keep coming back to for a good racing experience:-

Trans Am Camaro
Audi R8
Lola T70
Mitsubishi Pajero
Jaguar E-Type 1:24 scale


PS The topic title "Which car is the most f..."!
No I did not plan it that way. It just happened.
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FLY: Porsche GT1, the (late, great) Bob Wollek car. Like the original, mine always finishes second.
NINCO: Ferrari F1 is my fave F1 of all. A really nice balance of engine, tyres and magnet strength in a well-handling chassis. Well done Ninco!
SCX: a tie between the Peugeot 206 for sheer brutal driving like a real one, and an old Rickard Rydell Volvo with steering and weight that somehow corners on two wheels - huge grin factor.
PINKKAR: Bugatti. Glue the engine mountings is the tip for smooth power with the stock motor.
SLOT.IT: Audi with the magnetic suspension kit. Fast, smoooooooth and stable.
SCALEXTRIC: Formula Jnr Lotus. No magnet, Ackerman steering and the rear end squats under power, mine has more miles than anything else I have, all earned when I was a lot younger and Jim Clark drove it against Jack Brabham's Cooper every school holidays on the floor of my parent's lounge room (the old Scalex Set 31 with double inner curves...).
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