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Which car is the the most fun car?

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Lets not make it specific to one car as you are all going to say something from Ninco if I read the membership of this board right?

Pick 1 car each from the following manufacturers:-


My list is based on my ownership and these are the cars I keep coming back to for a good racing experience:-

Trans Am Camaro
Audi R8
Lola T70
Mitsubishi Pajero
Jaguar E-Type 1:24 scale


PS The topic title "Which car is the most f..."!
No I did not plan it that way. It just happened.
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the only two I have more than one of is fly and scalextric
Fly: Capri
Scaley: GT40
Fly: Dodge Viper GTS R
Scalextric: Mercedes CLK GT1
Proteus: Lamborghini Murciélago
Carrera: Ferrari Enzo
Ninco: AC Cobra
Revell: Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

Mags are fun for high-speed races, but the mag-less cars are just as fun sliding around albeit at lower speeds. Fun to have to change tactics between the two.
QUOTE Moped started this topic over at SCI after seeing the comments and lists people posted here.

There's a surprise!

Just to add a few favs too.

Ninco - Any of the early DTM's (Calibra, Mercedes 190 or Alfa) or McLaren (NC1)

Scalextric - Mini Bangers/Superstox, 70's F1's & Small wheel saloons (Mini Clubmans etc)

SCX - Lancia 037 & Porsche 959, basically all SCX Rally cars (no mag) Also, unfortunately don't own but have raced, 4wd Paris-Dakar cars with suspension (Peugeot 405, Nissan Patrol) Great laugh.

Carrera - Classic Nascars at the mo but limited experience, not a fan of other Carrera offerings so far (quirky springs to mind

Fly - Lancia Beta (No Mag) Enjoy racing Fly cars box-stock though (for magnet fix).

MRRC - Cobra (No Mag)

Great post, definately intrigued by these Reprotec Abarths...
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Swiss, I have just popped in here after my visit to SCI and have noted your comparison remark. By a pure coincidence I have posted a similar remark on the Americas list. I too thought it would be interesting to compare the preferences of the two continents.

I look forward to your analysis. I suspect it will cause as much of a debate/discussion as the two threads from which the information was gleaned.

Give it a few days as it may well become a "1000 hit" thread.

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Just to add a few comments and I will choose the "fun" to mean enjoying driving and looking good as opposed to winning all the time - as sadly I'm not at the moment!!

Ninco - I agree with the NC1 powered Mclaren, although the new Pajero's are a laugh, but not in the rally class!

Fly - the Ferrari 512 in the Classis races (Sans magnet) or the Joest Porsche with Magnet.

SCX - has to be the tail sliding 4x4 Audi and the TT Buggies

Carrera - Maserati Millie Miglia.- although the aero nascars could be nerfing potentials ! (in a fun way of course!)

Scalextric - the new Corvette looks good and can hold it's own against GT40's without magnet and the Large wheel BMW's any stretch Metro just as it looks so silly!!

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21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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