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I have a very humble collection of 6 cars so far

2 Scaley Scoobs STi04 WRCs
2 Fly Lancia Beta's
a Fly 917/10
A Fly Chevron

The fly cars were bought at the local market for £15 each. I love arches and wings so the Lancia's appeal to me and the other 2 had to be bought at that price and are quite good together.

I've just bought an Audi R8C and a GTone. Yes its the Proslot version and I know most people have said its a bag of nails but I love the look of the car and the R8C seems its best partner.

Can't see myself with a massive collection but as new cars appear that I really like I'll get them. Quite into rally cars new and old so am looking at the Intergrale's by Team Slot and the new Scaley Skoda.

Also, as a sort of scratch build attempt I want to get hold of the 4 door Impreza made by SCX and make a copy of my 1:1 car.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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