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I am fortunate that I'm not a collector so I don't suffer from that condition known as Completeism. All sufferers will recognise the symptoms, the racing heart beat the sweaty palms, the anxiety of whether the dealer have sold out before you get there and will know the cost to their bank balance.

I consider myself someone who likes model-making and who enjoys driving slot cars. In recent years I've drifted away from static kits and am only happy if my little creations run under their own steam.

Because model-making is my first love I prefer scratchbuilt cars and so I have accumulated a number of slot cars of classic cars and usually build in themes such as classic F1, Lotus cars and cars driven by Jim Clark this narrows the range a bit and because of the time taken in the construction it naturally keeps things a bit under control.

This accumulation of slot cars isn't a collection in my eyes and has a reasonably finite number of subjects rather than a collection of current RTR's leaving me at the mercy of the slot car manufacturers release programme.

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