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I blame JEXY1 for my collection! No not really, it had started just before I knew about him but he has provided encouragement even if he didn't know he had.

Cars have not played much of a part in my families history although they been of interest very few have been owned. However throughout our past generations the MG has always been THE car to aspire to but only a MG 1300 and Spridget have ever been found in our driveways. Even I prefer the look of pre-war MGs to today's character less boxes on wheels.

I was given an old MG Metro set as a first Scalextric. It didn't really interest me but being a bit of a model maker a loft find of some original Airfix MG K3, MGB and Matchbox MGTC kits started me on scratch building slot cars. This coincided with me discovering the internet and so I began my web site.

The internet lead to me finding out that there was a model of the MG Maestro and various helpful contacts. Also people found my site, including Gareth who sent me photos of some of his rare MG slot cars, and another who sent me a copy of Gareth's NSCC article on MG slots.
(my claim to fame over Gareth is that I discovered the Traffic version of the MG1100 first)

My main collection is 25 completed MG models with 10 or so waiting suitable chassis, wheels etc.. I've a short history of the Beetle that I started during a lull in finding parts for MGs. (bought a cheap Pink Kar version to check out its wheels, had an Airfix Beetle kit, saw the potential and things just grew.) There are a few other makes in the collection because I like the cars.

The cars on my site are just for show, the Lolas have never been on the track but due to my detailing wouldn't be classed as mint. The early scratch builds, the K and T types are on well used car boot chassis and will just about run on a good day.

I buy other cheap cars, new or old, mainly to see if they are of any use for making MGs and these may be played with on a track until a better future is found for them. My GT40 has wheels like those used on the racing MGCs so it lives for now.
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