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I love seeing that there are peeps out there that have as little idea about buying things for collecting as myself and the two tiddly-peeps. I have a few cars that haven't been raced - but's that's only 'cause the track is packed away at the moment - rental accommodation and no garage sucks - although I've talked the wife into the fact we REQUIRE a 2 car garage when we move.

She's drawing the line at me wanting a saltwater swimming pool in the back so I can keep sharks as yet. I'm trying to convince her I need one for door to door salesmen, mormons, bob-a-jobbers etc etc that knock on the door - oh and a white furry cat - a to start a world domination league - but she'll come around...

I'm totally amused with teh collection as we all seem to have totally different taste.

I seem to be buying a lot of le mans cars - from GT40s through to about 1970 thus far. (Four GT's, the white #59 GT40 from '66 & the Goodwood set, Fly ferrari 512, porsche 917, 908? I think? T70 Lola.) I'm looking to "Older" F1 & sportscars next.

The 8 yo son (Chris) has bought the delightfully awful SCX vintage Mustang & Corvette. Needed a rally hit & got a WReX & a mitsubishi something. Needed a purple & orange TVR T400R (which I was stoked about 'cause I was going to buy it) He's recently decided on the #48 L-88 Corvette to race against it. (even claimed to have checked the "format" as being similar to the TVR but I suspect that was more a happy accident.) He's now becoming entranced with "Older" (60's 70's american steel) and needs the daytona coupe etc next he claims.

The 2 YO (Too bright for his own good Luke) for some reason got entranced by the Fly PANOZ LMP1 (which I didn't really want). He wanted a red one so I bought a black one to race against it. Of course the red was sold out (I was picking them up for $39 Aus) and the black turned up. Despite it turning up at the same time as my Ferrari he immediately declared it was his (I thought he'd just picked a red car) When I saw it up close and I realised it was from Adelaide in '99 and got the SCX Audi R8 "Crocodile" livery from the same race which Luke has also claimed. He asked for the lolas and MG stuff last so the ultra modern LMP seems to be his bag.

We all decided to buy a pink 50's T-Bird for the missus the other day. SHe found out & was mortified "I'm going to pick my OWN cars thank you very much" so it'll be fun to see what she ends up with.

Nice thread by the way - it's as much fun as the "jobs" thread - what a diverse bunch of fellow fellows!!
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