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· Allan Wakefield
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I collect cars I like and mostly within set series although I also slip alot.

For storage I would say vitrines near where you race if possible then you can actually use or see them.
IMHO if you have to box them and store them away you might as well sell the damn things.

There is a guy here in Switzerland with over 15,000 (fifteeen thousand!) cars in his collection ALL either on display or still boxed waiting to go to the next buyer - now THATS a collection!

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Not really a collector (yet) as new to the hobby and short of cash to buy things. There are a few cars that have caught my eye and would like to get, but I wouldn't go for trying to complete a series.

Cars would only be used at home and probably displayed when the track is not down.

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When I got back into slots about 4 years ago I started off with a collectors mentality - buying early Scaley models and the cars I remembered from my youth in parallel with collecting new RTRs and quickly built up a hoard of about 300 cars.

RTR's don't really do it for me these days and I pretty much only buy kits now as the real pleasure I get from the hobby is building in building cars for myself. If a nice kit of a car which I have as an RTR comes available then I'll have no qualms in selling the RTR and getting the kit no matter how 'collectable' the original is.

So - I'm currently in the process of liquidating my original collection and building up my backlog of kits. I'm down to about 250 RTR's with another 50 or so earmarked for e-bay (mostly Fly), however the kit collection is approaching 200 (either slot kits, resin or fibreglass bodies or plastic kits for conversion).

I'll hang on to my original Monogram / Revell / Cox and Strombecker cars from the 60's though as I love running them!


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I collect anything & everything. I have been collecting for about 5? years now?? I do not remember the first car I bought, but as memory serves it was one on the GB Track 917 Spiders when they first came out. Followed quickly by a few more GB 917 spiderz a Ninco Cobra & a Red Ninco Porsche 956 coupe. I started buying STrombeckers & Eldons on Ebay & updating the mechanicals W/ newer chassis.

I like Le mans Cars (Who doesn't???), Lotus's, Cobra's (got all regular issues except a couple), GP & Sport racers from the late forties thru the mid sixties are my favorites, but I also like Tran's am & Carrera's vintage NASCARS. I buy the occasional Modern F-1 & Rally cars, but how many WRX's does a person need?? I am luke warm on modern IRL & could not give a flip about modern NASCAR (Yawn!!!).

I also do some kit/scratch building, but my time to do that has been stifled by Stirling (My 14 month old) he is very high maitainence! So the kits stack up for future amusement.

I have approx. 400 cars that grace the walls of 1 room of the house, but I too am running out of space. I have started to sell off some 1/24 stuff that I bought early on. From there I am going to sell off some vintage 1/32 stuff as better more modern versions come available. I will probably, put most of my Sport cars in a closet since they do not display well anyway. My other problem is that Stirling likes cars more than me & the ones he likes most; are the ones he has not broken yet!!! So Maybe putting them out of reach & hidden for a couple of years might be a good choice, to prevent unneccesary distruction.

I am waiting patiently for someone to make a Lotus II & I would love to see somebody like Carrera make some of the Caddy's & Merc's that raced in the Carrera Pan America races! What Beasts!!!


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My collection of cars has finally hit the £1000 mark, even more amazing is that i don't seem to recally buying al of them (blocked them all for finance reasons
) But my collection consists of cars that i like the look of, alot of rally cars though!

"what i'm reaping is what i am keeping, and what i am reaping tastes guuuud"


· René 'Vialli' Christensen
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I started collecting Formula One cars (I'm a big F1 fan), rally cars (great on EuroSport and PSX2) and Le Mans cars (to make my own ALMS races). Most was bought for less than £20,- mint.
One day I counted them and there were more than 60 cars.

So I decided that I better sell the rally cars (17 pieces and I don't think I would get a GT race track and a rally track) and many of the Le mans cars and started to collect in years instead.
So now I collect Le Mans cars from 1970, 1989, 1998, 2000 and 2001 and of course Formula One cars - two cars from each team.
Just counted them - 84 cars!

This time I don't sell any cars, but will keep these years as the only collecting years! So I guess it will stop some day when I have all the cars from these years!

Some of the cars I have never tried racing yet, since I don't have my own racetrack and I won't bring the cars to the club to get them smashed!

And yes, it did get out of hand/control!

PS. You can see all the cars at Slotrace

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This is an interesting topic that deosn't get discussed enough.

I started collecting years before the great revival of scale model race cars in 1996 and before the internet (& eBay). I had accumulated many examples of the high quality slot cars of the 60s in various conditions, from mint in box to projects requiring serious restoration.

It reached a point that there was just too much for me to enjoy, and too much to restore. So to sort out my collection I made a list of the top ten cars I wanted. The #1 car was easy, a 1/24 scale Cox Chaparral 2E with the magnesium chassis, the next few came rapidly. So I thought I would try the second ten. At about the fifteenth car it wasn't really clear what was really important to me. This allowed me to focus on what I really liked.

I concentrated on these fifteen or so cars. I started selling and trading the rest. This allowed me to improve the examples I had of my top fifteen without any additional expense. And an interesting thing happened that I didn't anticipate... I made some really great friends from all over the world! By trading and selling some of my cars (most were restoration projects too) I came in contact with many other collectors.

I'm still working on a few of the top cars but that's the fun of collecting. I think everyone has a certain limit, a top ten, twenty or ninety and the next car is not that improtant. By focusing on the what I really wanted it became much more enjoyable for me.

I always had cars that I ran too. Many times someone would ask "are you going to run that?" when I would place a nice looking vintage cars on the track. If I wasn't running some of them then it was fun for me. I figured it was like having a very attractive girl friend... let's just say there's more to it than talking to her.

What I always really wanted was to race scale model of great cars, both race and street versions, mostly from the 60s and the 70s. With FLY and Ninco leading the way with their wonderful cars I was now able to get very affordable and good running cars to race.

I do collect current cars becasue they are very affordable but only occasionally do I get a shelf queen. The cars I have become attacted to are the ones that I carry around with me and race with friends. The scars of battle do not detract from the value but are reminders of the good times had with my buddies.

I am still thinning down my collection but with eBay that is very easy and lucrative.

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First of all, I don’t consider myself a collector at all, and probably shouldn’t even be reading this forum. I haven’t counted recently, but expect I own around 50 cars, probably half of them scratch built. David L’s comments intrigued me. Are building and collecting complementary or mutually exclusive? Based on comments/advice from real collectors, it appears the primary motives for collecting are usually either “completeness” or speculation on future value. I’ve brought this up before in another context, but personally I value much more highly a car that has been built from scratch, rather than a generic mass-produced item like 10,000 others. I realize this is largely a matter of personal aesthetics and approach to the hobby, but in practical terms, how do you assign values to unique, one-of-a-kind cars? The first Fly Viper may be worth thousands to some collectors, but is a car that you have invested untold hours of sweat equity, or a car produced by masters of the craft any less valuable? By definition they are irreplaceable. What would insurance companies think in the event of a catastrophe?

What you have said is very true.

As a claims consultant I have argued this out successfully with many insurance companies with large payouts for damage to rare cars quite often my own.

How do you put a value on something like Walkden Fisher's Mercedes. These cars to me are worth much more in real terms than any FLY car ever made. How do you put a price on the historical importance of a early car.


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I have amassed a collection of around 400 cars although I never suspected it would have grown to anywhere near that size when I first began to collect. I came across some Ninco, Scalex and Fly models in 1997 at an Ace Hardware Store while looking for diecast. As a kid I had Aurora HO cars that I absolutely loved. Best present I'd ever received, by far. Thanks, Mom! When I saw the slot cars, particularly the Fly Porsche GT1 and Marcos cars I was hooked. In the beginning I was collecting every Fly car they could produce, missing only a very few rare limited editions (ie, the E2 Viper - although I did obtain a Viper prototype car). At the time I thought I could put together a complete collection. Now I see otherwise and am almost sick at the ridiculous number of repaints and non-prototypical limited editions that Fly is producing. I also collected the Ninco classic cars and select Scalex cars. Lately, I've been collecting mostly Slot-It, Scalex, Monell, VMG and an occassional Fly car when it is from a mold that I haven't already got several of. I have also collected an assortment of other odd makes. Now I collect only what I like. The problem is I like too damn much. Being semi-retired, in school and not working I don't have the cash that I used to have and I must be much more selective about what I purchase. And just when the pickings are better than ever. Damn!

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Here is a small collection I just started a couple of months ago. These are the cars I always dreamed about having when I was a kid, after the first Cox Cucaracha I got in 1967. They never were available in the toy stores in my town then and I could only see them in black and white pictures in the rare italian model car magazines I could find.
Following my return to slot cars again last March I soon got the Ebay bug and began searching for those "Thingies" that I desired so much.

Here is a Classic Asp:

A Classic Viper:

A Classic Stinger:

The Stinger has a flap that opens when you brake:

A BZ Banshee:

And here on my Carrera track

Compared to my contemporary "plastic" 1/32 cars they have mostly metal chassis, furiously fast big motors and dried foam tires which I am going to have reshodded in silicone by Electric Dreams.
Yes it was out of control considering that I could have bought quite a few "plastic" cars but now I am fine ...

Best regards

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Edo has found sanity at last...

Your four cars are slot car collecting icons, some of the most popular in the blessed and innocent days when one would go to school not only with his books, but with his Hoffman slot car racing wooden box, filled with such cars and a COX controller. As the 4PM bell would ring, he would get to his bicycle, rigged to carry the box, and proceed to his local raceway where he would spend the next two hours setting up his cars, racing them or talking thrash to other youngsters.

Few Europeans have known these days, and it is a shame, as anyone who had lived this period in time will cherish them for his entire life.

Edo, nice picks. Your Asp is in fact the later "Competition Asp" fitted with the Mabuchi FT26 "mid-size" motor, the fastest production motor made by Mabuchi in the 1960's. Interesting to note that these old motors are of superior performance and quality than any of the modern stuff available to home racers...

Send us the wheels and we will clean them up, machine them as new and re-shod them with silly-kohn. However, be ready to wait, it WILL take up to 90 days to process as the elder gentleman who lovingly hand cast the silicone mix works when he feels like it.
For your enjoyment, here is a picture of a couple of other "Classic" and "BZ" (Becks & Zimmerman) cars:

This one is a BZ Batmobile in its original clear plastic box.

A BZ Banshee in its nest.

A rare color on a Classic "Serpent", designed by GM stylist Bob Cadaret.

The Batmobile, this time by Classic in the spectacular fold-out box.

Have fun!

Dok Pea

Professional Slot Car Nutcase

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When I was child raced once and again with my only two BMW M1 from Exin, and i loved them. After that, there was a time when I could buy slotcars for myself, and i did without any standard.

A few years ago I understood number doesn't means, I sold half of my collection and restart with what really like:

- F1 cars. Past and present.
- Cars to race in the club.
- Those really indispensable or that have something special.

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