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Which chassis fits under the Revell Toyota Terrano?

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Revell makes a 1/32 model kit of a Toyota that raced in the Dakar. I know some of you have put a chassis under it to convert it to a slot car. Which chassis has the right wheel base? Thanks
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I'd guess that he hasn't actually got one to measure yet.

I think the thing to do (if you're serious about doing the conversion) is to buy the Tamiya(Revell) Nissan(Toyota) Terrano and then take some measurements and then post the details on here. Their will then be somebody who can help you out. I'd guess a Ninco raid chassis or similar would fit but until you have the model in your hand it would be hard to be sure.

I think forum members "rallyp" and "PeteN" have produced raid style slot cars using Tamiya bodies before, perhaps they could advise you.?

Go on, go for it, good luck with it.
Thanks Pete, knew you'd be along sooner or later.
The Pathfinder (same in UK as US) looks great.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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