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Which Glue?

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Hello All,

Could someone kindly remind me, which glue to be found here in the UK is the best for general fixing/restoration of cars? Preferably a glue that doesn't mist clear lenses/glass nor (painted) body work.

I have previously used three types with no joy - Superglue, Rubber Cement and Liquid Poly, however this was going back to old Airfix days and learning the hard way.

As ever, any help would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,

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PVA is generally accepted as being pretty good.
It retains a little bit of flexibility when set, virtually no fumes, non-toxic and an added bonus is it is easily wiped off with a damp cloth before it sets. These factors are in its favor, although it take some time to achieve full strength, which might be important in some applications. The choice tends to come down to personal preference and experience I guess - and maybe how rough a driver you are too!
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