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Which Glue?

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Hello All,

Could someone kindly remind me, which glue to be found here in the UK is the best for general fixing/restoration of cars? Preferably a glue that doesn't mist clear lenses/glass nor (painted) body work.

I have previously used three types with no joy - Superglue, Rubber Cement and Liquid Poly, however this was going back to old Airfix days and learning the hard way.

As ever, any help would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,

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Hi Jamie

For any clear glazing fixing, headlamp covers etc., I always use Micro Kristal Klear obtainable from Grand Prix Models or most Local Model shops.

For anything that has to be firm but I might change my mind and move it at a later date than Evo-Stick Multi Purpose Impact Contact Adhesive from Homebase or similar.

For something I don't want to move, like body mounting posts, then I always use 2 part Araldite.

I found the Airfix Type Glues do tend to cause problems with clear glazed parts and it's not very strong anyway and I find Superglues dry a little too brittle for bodyparts. The Gel Superglues seem better than the normal stuff.


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