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After looking over the 2012 Scalextric line-up, the only certainty for me is the Lotus 49. I used to really look forward to the announcement of the new line up, but over the years my interest in Scalextric has waned considerably. Scalextric still makes a fairly decent product and when they want to (Lotus 49, Eagle, Classic F1's, JGTC) they can really excel.

After seeing what NSR, and Scaley say they will be releasing this calendar year (
) I'm looking at about 8 NSR's, 6 Slot.its and the lone Scaley. Should Pioneer get the long awaited Camaro out, I'm in - but haven't heard much on that front lately.

Anyway, wondering what manufacturers will be getting most of your money this year?

Let the games begin!

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Carrera will get most of my racing and shelf queen money, scaley will get a small bit for some of their limited editions and then I will scatter what is left around the rest.

· Martin De Ath
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Hi there all..

My 2012 purchases, will probably be split between various manufacturers, depending on the type of cars I am intrested in.

Pioneer, Carrera, Scalextric, for Muscle Cars, etc.
Scalextric for the early Minis, Lotus 49, and the rallycross RS200 and 6R4, and others.
Ninco for their Classics, Jaguars, Cobras, early Porsches, etc.
SCX, Carrera, Monogram/Revell, for Nascars, etc.
MSC, Ninco, SCX, for Rally Cars, etc.
Probably, some others as well..

For Club Racing at Pendle... NSR Clio and Mosler, PCS chassis Saloons, SCX Nascar, and "new" to the club this year "1:24th Scaleauto" (Jaguar white kit, with my own livery) they should be great fun...

Plus, my own Scratchbuilds and Conversions, of which I mostly use Slot-It parts.

Should be a busy and intresting year..

All the best for 2012.. Martin.

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Carrera. They also got most of my 2011 spend. Their combination of quality, variety, reliable performance and price is a winner. The only thing that will change that is if they raise their prices significantly.

Scalextric's 2012 range has a couple of interesting looking cars, but then I saw it posted that Scalextric's rrp will be £39.99. A standard Scalextric car for £40?!! That's either a misprint, a joke, or people have more spare cash than the media would have us believe.

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Looks like another fairly quiet year on the spending side. I'll definitely be getting some of the Scaley XBs (whenever they turn up) and possibly the Anniversary MGB. Pioneer releases if they happen. Waiting to see what SCX may have of interest. Other than that there's not a lot I'm interested in currently.

Most of my spending will be project specific. Got a pile of projects on the 'to do' list anyway.


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"She who must be obeyed" imposed negotiated a spending cap for my hobby. We're four days into the New Year; I'd be in good shape if Ken would refrain from pointing out stuff that I just have to buy now!

That being said, my allowance will mostly go towards spare parts from Slot It, Pioneer and body shells from Dave Jones and George Turner.


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My budget will only stretch to a max of 8/9 cars this year:-

2x slot-its, Lola & GT1 (if the GT1 is a '96'/'97' 911, I may pass on it)

Going to try Racer (Group5) and Scaleauto (Honda HSV) out for the first time this year.

1 or 2 Scalextric (inc E type Jag which was pre-order 10 months ago)

1 or 2 SCX (depends what they release)

1x NSR, Audi R8

maybe 1x Carrera

0 x Fly or Ninco cars


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In order based on what cars I already know I will buy:

Slot-It for sure followed by Avant-Slot.
Scaleauto depending on what becomes available
Mr Slotcar if the recently announced cars are produced
Pioneer? If the Javelin and Camaros come out
random others
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