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Which resin to use

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I've been experimenting with a liquid plastic in a silicone moud with littlebsuccess.

It then struck me that the resin used to Akers slot ca bodies would probably do the job.

Not having used resins before, coud someone point me to a good option.

You can pm me to save clogging up the forum if you prefer, also colour options would be good.

Many thanks

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Hi Colin, I use Axon F16 too. With regards colours as it happens I've been experimenting today adding graphite powder to the mix to tone down the colour as its a chassis part and also to see if it made the resin a bit stronger. Below are the colours, the one with the motor attached is the resin on its own and the other two have varying amounts of graphite powder added....

The graphite doesn't affect the finish only the colour. Graphite powder is cheap and easy to come by as its used for lubricating locks, you can get 50g puffer bottles which would be more than enough to last a lifetime for a couple of quid.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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