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Alan Tadd
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When I finished modifying the Scalextric Porsche 962 this weekend I was left with the choice of which tyres to use.

I also "de-magged" the Porsche "Spirit of America" at the same time so it was a good opportunity to see if one tyre choice suited both cars.

The track I currently use is Scalextric Sport, fine track and when magnet cars are used will allow cars to perform to their best. However, for non-magnet cars it is a completely different ball game. In my opinion the track was never designed for non-mag cars as there is very little surface grip and cars tend to "fish tail" all over the place.

Strategic placing of lead weight will help, but only to a limited extent, the real gains to be made in performance lie with correct tyre choice, (rather like 1:1 racing).

I tried four different types of tyre on each car, and found that, in general, both the test cars performed in a similar manner with each of the tyre types fitted, which at least simplifies matters.

The first tyre I tried was the P2. In a magnet car a good all round tyre, but without mags, really pretty poor, not surprisingly it was worse when fitted to the car, because of the additional power this car had. Wild fishtailing from side to side and very little grip even in a straight line.

The next tyre was the P3. Again a very good tyre in a magnet car, but in non-magnet, no noticable difference in performance to the P2. Almost exactly the same fishtailing and general lack of traction.

Tyre set number 3 was not really meant for the test cars at all as it was the NSR replacement tyres for Fly Classics, and had far too tall a profile, but I did try them and they were a great improvement over the previous tyres. There was still some fishtailing but now was much reduced and the cars were far more controllable.

Tyre set 4 was again from and were their silicon S1 Compound tyres. What a difference these tyres made, the cars both performed really well with tailsides being completely controllable from the throttle and very fast lap times being possible.

In all cases the front tyres on the cars were kept as the P2 Compound tyres and none of the tyres were trued before use. On this surface I like to run tyres in naturally, rather than artifically truing them.

So there you have it, not a very scientific test, and no actual laptimes available, just my impressions. It would be interesting to read what others have found to be their choice of tyre for running on this track.



Allan Wakefield
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QUOTE I have found the best two on sport track are Silicon Indy Grips and PPRSlots

Both silicon and not allowed in many European tracks though. I also feel they have a tendancy to be too easily broken.

My choice would be Ortmann followed by Slot.It for Scalextric Sport and Carrera, for Scalextric Classic and Ninco with finally - Ortmann for Wood.

Russell Sheldon
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I received some Ortmann tyres the other day and I was really very disappointed at how badly they were moulded, especially given the cost of them. Lot's of imperfections.

So, purely from an aesthetics point of view, I wouldn't rate either PPR or Ortmann tyres. I guess that when it comes to performance, which is what matters at the end of the day, they are hard to beat.

I like the new compound Professor Motor tyres. They are cleanly moulded, perfectly round and look good. Oh, and Swiss, they are virtually indestructible.

Kind regards

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