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It's been a few years since I had chance to set up my track, but I was rummaging through a few old photos so I thought I might as well post them.

It's a temporary analogue Scalextric track, mixed Sport and Classic, with some attempt at scenery modules, buildings, figures, trees etc.

View attachment 75714

View attachment 75722

The scenery is made almost entirely from free materials, cardboard for borders, polystyrene packaging for the rock faces, collected heather and twigs for the trees, moss for the shrubby weeds, sawdust for the grass. and leaves, and scouring pads for hedges. The main cost for the scenery was in glue and paint.

View attachment 75730

View attachment 75738

I also painted a backdrop on a roll of cheap but fairly sturdy paper which I just about managed to get to stand up around the perimeter.

View attachment 75746

View attachment 75754

Here are a few more pictures.

Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Tire

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Car Plant Vehicle Tire Wheel

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Plant Motor vehicle

That's all for now folks. I guess one day I'll drag it all down from the attic and set it up again.


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Thanks for the kind comments everyone.

Here are a few more photos...

This was from the beginning of the process of making the track dirty.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

This is how it ended up. Although I later added some other features like cobbles, pot holes, manhole covers, and drains.

Cloud Road surface Asphalt Race track Mountain

Another early shot. Experimenting with wine corks for stones. They were put through a kitchen blender then soaked in paint.

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Hood Car

Big Bernie and his girlfriend don't look too impressed, they're probably cold. I did some work later to get the spectators more suitably dressed for an English winter.

Temple Hat Leisure Happy Fun

Wise advice for all of us on the sign here.

Car Plant Tire Vehicle Wheel

And finally, just Sandro in a Stratos.

Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Tire Car


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Nice stuff. I have seen some of these pics on a website a while ago but didn't know that the track belonged to you.

It shows that one can have a nice track within a small confined space and the use of plastic does not limit the possibilities for great scenery.

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Loving that

I'm guessing the cones get a hammering if you use it in earnest? Or are you using magnets?
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