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While we're on the subject of photography?

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I have a Sony mega-pixel 3.2 that cant get any closer than this!

Now, with the older 1.3 mega-pixel I can move in close enough to just about take photos of the hair in herr Schumachers nostril's??
This camera is worthless.. if you ask a camera shop dude.

Can someone please explain this to me. I gotta be missing something right in front of me!
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Don't know how much you know about digital camera's so I hope I don't offend, but have you tried switching the camera to "Macro Mode". This focus' the camera for shorter distances and you should get even better results.

This is of course assuming that the camera has a macro function, and that you aren't already using it.

Hope this helps

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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