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While we're on the subject of photography?

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I have a Sony mega-pixel 3.2 that cant get any closer than this!

Now, with the older 1.3 mega-pixel I can move in close enough to just about take photos of the hair in herr Schumachers nostril's??
This camera is worthless.. if you ask a camera shop dude.

Can someone please explain this to me. I gotta be missing something right in front of me!
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OK two things so far.

McLaren is right about the Macro. Its on, but I'm thinking it hasn't been able to focus on what the cross hairs are looking at in Macro mode. Like a gun its aim is slightly off.

Like Nuro said,QUOTE Some cameras (and lenses) have good macro abilities, some don't
This new camera might be new but this is the best quality shot I could get off without it getting a little dotty.

As you can see, nowhere near as big as the old camera can do and retain clarity.

So , maybe its the lense??
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Sony Cybershot DSC-P8 is the one thats giving me grief. Actually it takes a very good shot, I'd just like it to probe in further. I just think if its newer I could expect better. (Hey, it works with women.)

Technical details of the new camera.. says about 4 inches from lens surface for close up.

Just thought I'd show you this as well
Again.. the old camera. The rear badge on the Torino.
About 7mm long and 1.5 mm high. Fantastic, you just set macro, aim and shoot.

Wouldn't even attempt this with the new one.

Got to be something here.
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Thanks guys.

Astro, I think your right, for pure ease of shot, the oldie's a goodie.
Old camera

..I also was able to piece together a solution for close ups with the new camera's menu from the little bits of input from everyone here, so thanks boys.

New camera

Reckon this is close enough.
Again my thanks to everyone here.
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1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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