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QUOTE (ThaiRacer @ 30 Dec 2011, 18:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Unless the company is filled with hard core auto enthusiasts, most of the employees won't even notice what model or brand the cars are. They will be too busy enjoying the racing and crashing the cars. No matter which cars you use, they are going to get beat up pretty good, and the faster they are, the more damage.

Reinforce the guide blade mounts and have spares.
For sure the cars will get crashed a lot unless you have a group of experienced slot racers. Hard core auto enthusiasts who are not experienced slot racers will do almost as much damage as anybody else.

A variable power supply with the volts turned way down is a good idea for that sort of event. Somewhere around the level where its only just possible to go fast enough to fall off usually works well - some will still fall off all over the place but at least the more careful will stay on for a lap or two. Give them full power and you'll spend all evening repairing wrecked cars.

You are right about putting the company logo on all the cars - I wouldn't think you need to bother much about painting detail as long as the company logos are clearly visible.
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