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That was 1989 (or 1990), and I even drove the car - albeit only while being sadly towed to the pit lane, which happened every time - but I did one whole lap at Magny Cours behind a Renault Espace :)

Overall, 4 motors were built (and my graduation thesis was on that engine). At the dyno bench it reached 480 Hp, but a total lack of funding made it impossible any further development. At the end of the year, we tried developing the 4 central cylinders only on a shoestring and increased the power by 30 Hp - which combined would have yeld roughly 80/90 Hp more. The motor was never tested however with this new development on all cylinders. I assume it could have reached approx 600 Hp (more or less like a Judd engine then) with more development but its limit of 12500 RPM was quite evident by the sheer size of the main rod which caused a very heavy load on the bushing - IMHO.

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Oh, BTW, I confirm the white P956 - I cannot confirm it will be in kit form yet.
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