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WHO Racing 2011 Round 6 - June 1

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Just two weeks to go until our next race - the third round of the Mod class Championship.

These are the fastest cars we run at the club. Remember, you can use one of our club cars or race your own car that complies with the rules.

Darren, Mike, John, Andy and Gareth will - no doubt - be full of stories from Sunday's HO Grand Prix, so it should be another excellent evening's racing.

Rumour has it that Robin is working on a new car to race on June 1st - perhaps his lightning-fast blue Life Like is still cooling down after April's race

I'm looking forward to seeing what else in on the grid - I suspect they'll be more new cars and some refinements to what was run last time.

My Mega-G Audi R10 will be returning.

As usual, doors will open at 6.30pm for practice, with the serious racing starting at - or just before - 7pm and ending by 9.30pm.

Our race sheet is limited to a maximum of forty people. Entry is £2.50 per racer (spectators free). If you race your own car you'll get a 50p discount.

To keep up with the latest WHO Racing news and receive notifications in your facebook and twitter newsfeeds, follow WHO_Racing on twitter and click the 'like' button on our facebook page
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One week and one day until Mod racing!

I am struggling to decide which car to run this time as I've invested in a new SRT chassis from Barry since last time and I've got a LifeLike running now which was campaigned successfully to a 3rd place in Nascar. Also I was a bit disappointed by my usual SG+ (aka The Beast) on Sunday so that is almost certainly going to be "rested" this round until I can unravel just what went wrong.

Good job I haven't picked up a 1.5 Mega G or a Marchon yet or I'd never make a decision!

Hopefully I can get a test circuit set up at some point before the race to do some final testing.

What is everyone else campaigning?
Blimey! That month went past rather quickly.

Next Wednesday will see the return of my modified Mega-G Audi. I have a couple of small adjustments to make, but it'll be pretty much the same as last time.

If I can get a few laps in before the race, that will help
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Hi All,
This is only a thought and may not be possible----on looking on flea bay I saw a truck/trailer combo on offer is it possible (and chep enough) to get hold of 4 of these from the usa and have a truck night(possibly as part of nascar night or even a charity event?) . Would be interesting to hear anyones views on this or other types of races people would like to see, see you all Wednesday
Not long now, its gonna be a cracker!

I have four to choose from but will probably plump for my 1.5 Mega-G with the Toyota Tenoras shell that was aquired on the SG+ chassis last week as it feels light.

See you all tomorrow.
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I'm bringing a couple of friends along who both have/or have had Scalextric. They've both had a go on my AFX at some point in time but it'll be good to see them racing on the big track.

Lexan all the way for me this month so say hello to my flexible friends!

From left to right: LifeLike T, SG+, SRT.

LifeLike chassis to AFX body fixing courtesy of Mr Player and some sticky pads! It's just floating for the photo.

See you all on the morrow.
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Yet another Porsche this month (Marchon/Minichamps) - this time utilising my new body mounting clips made from old Micro Scalextric guide plates
Converted Hannah's Gallardo too, which has knocked a gram off the body weight. Interesting to see how they hold up to some racing (read 'crashing'). Spare bodies at the ready just in case...
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Oh what lovely cars fellas....?.!.?.! Not much to choose from for me........Sanded way to much rubber off my lifelikes rearend.......It will be dragging its a### around the track... Looking forward to a scrape around the circuit and being lapped good and proper.......Cheers Mike D
Get some double flaaaaanged rears on it Mike and some .422 silicones and it'll have the same rear end as the winning Nascar from EAHORC.
Gareth - Minor stuff but your sig contains the old Worthing club URL, and strictly it should be EAH:ORC if you are going to use the colon.

Have a cool evening. Really envy you guys.
Congrats to John on his win tonight.

First class tweeting from Andy
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Another big night in Goring-by-Sea, with 32 racers finally making the grid.

Some had to bring their homework.

One of the big highlights was diesel's stunning scoreboard, which meant racers could view their scores after the heats on a screen 20 feet away from Race Control. I have no idea how he did it, but it worked brilliantly

Some great junior performances, but the 'A' final was a strictly adults-only affair.

Congratulations to John for the win and Ollie for his first junior medal

Results will follow tomorrow. Plus updated championship tables, video and race report over the next few days.
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Love the Diesel diamond-screen! You were not tempted to use a whiteboard then?
John's race-winning Marchon - a lexan nicely fitted with pin tubes

Diesel's fabulous Minichamps conversion

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Well done John for a great win.

Love the mix of chassis in the top three finals. Such diversity.

Big well done to Hannah for her storming D final win. She didn't stop reminding me on the way home that her score topped all the C and most of the B finalists. Kids can be so modest smug.
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Good racing last night although I had a bit of a mare personally. I brought two friends (both called Dave) along and the three cars. They both opted to use the LifeLike and proceeded to put good scores in except for one run on white and the other had a bad yellow run.

I started in the SRT on white and was dreadful, switched to the SG+ and only managed to improve by 3 laps and then used the LifeLike to put myself in the A Final. But as one of the Dave's had out qualified me by 25 parts of a lap, he used the LifeLike and raced to 2nd overall whereas I was stuck back in the white lane and the SG+ falling off all over the place! I certainly kept Tim and Will busy in Turn One!

Meanwhile the other Dave used the LifeLike to great effect in the B Final to win it from pole and I think he did more laps than any of the A finalists too.

Which means I really should trust my LifeLike a bit more and start driving it faster as it was capable of being at or around John's pace as both Daves showed.

John's car was very quick though. Really enjoyed seeing it go. I dare you to put that one through your hypersonic cleaner John!!

At the end of the Mod season, can we please set up a head to head race between John's Marchon and Robin's LifeLike T from April?

I'm liking the new tech as well and once the niggles are ironed out, it will be great.

Good to see the Juniors doing so well with race winner Ollie in the B and Juniors winning both the C and D finals I think. Hannah was impressive and very happy when she beat Dad Andrew!

Two Mod rounds to go and I think I may have found my chassis for the rest of the season. I just need to make some decent body mounts.


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