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WHO Racing 2012 Round 1 - Modified - January 11

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2012 Mod class rules here.
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Cant wait for this meeting---never know there may be a couple of new cars on show!!!!!!!!!
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Only three weeks to go Mike

Robin has updated the Mod rules for 2012 on the website.

The F1 rules will be up soon, just waiting on some news about a new part...

Happy holidays!

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To be honest I didnt look at the race dates but its great news to see the meeting starts on the second Wednesday because I have finally got my operation date. I go in on the 3rd of Jan so should be well enough for the first meeting, cant wait.
Is it day surgery? Or will you require some slot car entertainment on the ward
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Hope everything goes well with your operation Darren and I'm looking forward to seeing you fit and well on the 11th.

Merry Christmas to all of my clubmates at WHO. I suspect most of the younger members are in bed twitching with excitement at the thought of a few more cars arriving tomorrow morning!!

And for the Dad's I can recommend Woodcote beer. It's rather nice.


I go in at noon and have the op later that day. If it all goes to plan I will be out the next day then its a few weeks of taking it easy.

No alcohol for me this new year, but whatever your doing have a good one and I will see you on the 11th hopefully fit and well.
Looks like I will be joining you guys for round 1!!!!! Get in!!!!!
That's great Lee

If you've done three HO events or less before the 11th, you'll qualify for the 2012 Rookie of the Year award.

I'll be looking through previous race sheets over the next few days and then putting up a list of eligible Rookies in the new 2012 Championship Points Tables section. It should be good battle again...

Happy New Year everybody
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Hi All,
Hope everyone had a fantastic xmas/new year-----unfortunatly there may not be any new cars on show from us as snailmail is living up to it`s name!!!!! There are a couple of "unusual" cars that may make an apperance but probably will not be allowed to race
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No such problems for me as yet Mike! But I'm being a little special at uploading the photo from my phone so I'll tell you that I have a pair of MS Minis (the cool Bosch and Starco ones), a Domino's Pizza Tyco Indycar and a Rokar Porsche 911.

Sadly none of them are for racing at WHO although I may use the Porsche body instead of a lexan in Mod. It will mean sacrificing a small amount of performance but the thing is so light that it would be a minor difference.

Got to spend some time this weekend doing car development. I've got some gears and masses of tyres to sort out onto cars.
Wish I could spend a bit of time setting cars up but the way the post is going I will probably be unpacking them on the night!!!!! Also have a small matter of setting up a hamster cage(whoever came up with the idea that a large metal ring will fit in a small plastic hole wants shooting!!!!) Will be a good night though!!!

And here is the photo from earlier.

Still waiting on a black Aurora 4 Gear van and a set of brand new X-Traction chassis for my home track.

Incidentally, who would be interested in popping over for a race in the next month or so?

Andy and Dave worked ruddy hard to get the track running the other week! Time for a full race meeting methinks.
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Would love to mate, depends if you can tie in with a WHO round be ace
Mike - that's an imaginative way to get some extra horsepower, but I'm not sure the wheel will fit under the bridge

But that's got me thinking - I wonder how much hamster power an HO motor generates? Would it (rather like inches per second) give a interesting equivalency to horsepower in 1:1 race cars? What do you reckon Montoya1?

And nice buys Gareth. Are those Minis rare? Some Mini racing on your track sounds fun.

I have been busy fitting some pin tubes to a handful of chassis so they can run with lexan bodies in Mod.

Above are a short-wheelbase Mega-G, a Tyco and a Life Like. I'll be running the Mega-G next week. The Tyco is a work in progress and the Life Like is for Lee H.

The Mega-G is an evolution from the Audi I raced last season - the same stronger traction mags, a modified rear axle and gearing, Storm front end - but this time it'll be under a lexan body. I've built a slightly different rear axle, just to see if I can get some extra speed.

I've used a Wizzard 20T Pro-Predator crown gear which fits in without too much bother or shaving down. The traction mags will be flipped to 'high horsepower' mode, so the motor should have the grunt to make that ratio work. The gear mesh is quite good with a stock Storm pinion, so I've stuck with that. The wheels are the Wizzard RA17W .250" OD narrow double flanged hubs. The axle is Tyco. After a shakedown I'll know if it works. Otherwise the Audi gets cannibalised for parts.

I also fitted tubes on two Harden Creek Tycos that will be in the shop next Wednesday. Yes, they are purple and they look like they could be fast

Next job is to paint up some lexan bodies for those five chassis and to cut some tyres for the Mega-G.
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Lotta work there my friend , got one of those purple chasis on my Ebay watch list, but from the description it`s been beefed up too much to be Who legal, would be interested in getting a closer look at how to do those pins, got a shiny new GT40 mega g on it`s way from the states for my Birthday, the number 7, silver black hood one, working on a Marchon for mod, trying to fit the white jag micro scalextric body to it, making it up as I go along, but I`m fairly confident I`ll get there, really looking forward to next Wednesday, week should go pretty quick, will be bringing my own rookie for...... grooming ( that wrong?
), nice little circuit you got there Gareth, hope to catch up with you all on the 11th.
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Simon, if the purple car you're looking at has a balanced armature then no, it isn't legal.

The cars above are described as "Tyco/Mattel HPx2 Wide-Pan Racing Chassis" on the Harden Creek website. It's basically the current Mattel chassis with the Harden Creek 'Venom' neo magnets in it. Plus I've added some 'O' ring front wheels and the pin tubes for the lexan body.

The Tyco I am building for myself will be a slight variation, using a narrow chassis instead. I'll also play with the gearing.

The pin tubes are made out of brass tubing placed into holes drilled through the side of the chassis (avoiding all the important bits). It needs a bit of planning and patience

So who is the rookie? Is Calum back?

When I was doing the eligibility list, I was wondering who's going to come and do a season, because they will stand a very good chance of picking up rookie of the year. Ollie's dad Andy would be another candidate...
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Rookie cup going to be interesting hopefully I can make a bulk old of the rounds
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