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WHO Racing 2012 Round 1 - Modified - January 11

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2012 Mod class rules here.
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Hope everything goes well with your operation Darren and I'm looking forward to seeing you fit and well on the 11th.

Merry Christmas to all of my clubmates at WHO. I suspect most of the younger members are in bed twitching with excitement at the thought of a few more cars arriving tomorrow morning!!

And for the Dad's I can recommend Woodcote beer. It's rather nice.


No such problems for me as yet Mike! But I'm being a little special at uploading the photo from my phone so I'll tell you that I have a pair of MS Minis (the cool Bosch and Starco ones), a Domino's Pizza Tyco Indycar and a Rokar Porsche 911.

Sadly none of them are for racing at WHO although I may use the Porsche body instead of a lexan in Mod. It will mean sacrificing a small amount of performance but the thing is so light that it would be a minor difference.

Got to spend some time this weekend doing car development. I've got some gears and masses of tyres to sort out onto cars.

And here is the photo from earlier.

Still waiting on a black Aurora 4 Gear van and a set of brand new X-Traction chassis for my home track.

Incidentally, who would be interested in popping over for a race in the next month or so?

Andy and Dave worked ruddy hard to get the track running the other week! Time for a full race meeting methinks.
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The Minis aren't rare but they are certainly popular. I had to go through several bidding wars to secure a pair. I've only got the Minis with chequer stripes on to go and I think I've completed the MS set.

I really like those purple Tyco chassis. Really makes the chassis look cool.

I've just dug out my racing cars in preparation for Mod preparation. I'm going to do a small amount of blue printing if I can manage it without killing too many cars and some tinkering with the few mod bits I have acquired.

I am somewhat amazed to discover I only have 4 LL-T chassis. For some reason I thought I had a lot more. Fortunate Robert may be getting an order at some point in the near future!!
I don't have any of the Daytonas or the GT40s. Not sure why but I've never got round to buying any.
I think the WHO shop could be more popular than ever next Wednesday.

And it will be excellent if the McCann's do end up with the quick Tycos. The more people with ultra quick rocketships the better!
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Not at all Mike. As you discovered with your super Turbo back in October last year, the more modified the car, the more downforce you tend to have. I'm saying it is going to be good for the club as it means more competition for the top finals and more people with a chance to get their hands on a shiny medal.

And the great thing for you guys is that it gives you a fast car that you can learn about and understand as you progress through the season and then tinker with it and make it even quicker as you go.

I think buying a pre prepared Modified car is an excellent move and would recommend it to most people if they are unsure of how to start prepping their own cars.
QUOTE (montoya1 @ 5 Jan 2012, 10:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>LeeH - you are a nutter, but in a good way. Glad to see you travelling all over for HO, just don't burn out.

Gareth, I think you will have to hand over your crown as KMIHO

I think you might be right! I'm still massively keen but I've had to temper it what with the kid coming. Having fun developing my racing cars and hoarding lots of nice looking cars on the side.
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QUOTE (montoya1 @ 5 Jan 2012, 14:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Are you racing at Norwich Gareth?
I don't know to be honest still Deane. I'll have a look at the wall planner tomorrow and discuss it with Em to see if she is cool with me going. I am up for more racing obviously!!

I was round at Andy's this evening for a bit of tinker time while he wrestled with pinning a Tomy Turbo lexan BMW to a LifeLike T chassis for me. It was a tougher job than he anticipated and there was some swearing and dremeling of wheel arches going on!!

While he was doing that I was playing with a rear axle. With some fine tuning from Steady Hands himself, I've managed to get a nice new crown on there and have a set of double flange hubs to go on it. It means I have 4 or 5 quite potent cars for next week and possibly the beginnings of an EAHORC Mod car. My Porsche needs repainting for that though. It is in a sorry state.

Anyway if any of these cars go anywhere near as quick as I think they should I may be able to give John a run for his money for once! And Mike, Simon, Robin, Andy and Darren who all have very quick cars as well.

The purple Tycos look fantastic up close. Well worth whatever price they end up with.

Oh and Lee, your LifeLike T is looking very nice too. I didn't bend it or anything either!
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QUOTE (Dazmeister @ 6 Jan 2012, 21:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Now that is funny!

I think I am ready for Wednesday with my Martech Marchon probably running either one of two newly aquired Scalextric Porsche 911 bodies. Also picked up two more Marchons with Group C bodies and yellow chassis which are up for sale. Callum will probably run a Turbo but those purple things look nice and it is his birthday next week.

Oh and my operation got cancelled by a phone call a few hours before I was due to go in as there was no beds!
Not good news about the operation.

I might be interested in one or both of those Marchons. Have you listed them on the bay?
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Looks like a quick one.

I've bent either a wheel or my axle for the Turbo I was working on. I'll need to get it sorted it as that track is looking like it will be about the maximum speed of the car.
I'm looking forward to meeting you too Lee. Forgot to put that yesterday!

Sorted my axle this morning on the train.

I also had 25 pairs of magnets turn up on Friday. I had bought them to go in Micro Scalextric chassis but they are too small. They're actually the same size just about as LifeLike T magnets. I'm going to epoxy a pair into one of my LifeLike chassis to try out. They need to be glued as they just fall out otherwise. Same as the first pair of replacement LL magnets I bought.

I'll order more magnets at the end of the month which will hopefully be the right size for the Micro chassis.

If anyone does want a pair of very strong magnets for LifeLike chassis, let me know.
No worries Mike. I'll put some in my pitbox for you. As I say they do need glueing in so won't be any good for this meeting.

I'm looking forward to finishing race prepping my cars tonight and tomorrow. I'll post some photos when I'm completed.....hopefully late enough to prevent anyone duplicating them straight away!

I will be a happy man if the MR-1 reign of dominance is ended on Wednesday....especially if I'm the one to do it. I do have the usual quandary of not knowing which car to run though as I've prepped three different chassis types.
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They'll certainly stand out from the ever growing field of lexans!!

Be good to see them running.
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Fantastic evening tonight. Strangely the fastest cars ever seen at The Barn during the longest meeting seen!

And the cars were seriously fast tonight. I loved seeing people with new ultra speedy cars putting them to good use such as Mike M with his Harden Creek Tyco. And Andy's Mega G was stunning to watch too. If he can sort the gremlins then that will definitely be a race winner. Super smooth and incredibly quiet running. I would say John's car was amazing to watch but it was too quick to see.

Nice to meet Lee H. Never seen someone look so glum about being knocked out of the A Final....I suppose I've not seen my own face when Mr Player has repeatedly done it to me in the past!

I think the absolute stand out driver of the evening though was Ned Dadson and not just because he beat me by 4 laps in the C Final! He drove brilliantly through all of his heats and the final as well. I think he even managed a couple of perfect runs with no offs.

I'm fairly pleased with my own car developments. I was experimenting with tyre heights throughout the evening, starting on .448s and ending on .430s which slowed the car a bit but made it super quick in the turns. A 2.8 second lap to match John's early pace isn't to be sniffed at. And if I'd stayed with the same car for Heat 2 instead of trying something else.....Who Knows!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the stats and photos on this one. And I'm really, really looking forward to placing a further order for parts with Fortunate Robert!

Great job everyone, roll on Nascar.
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I forgot to mention the driver stations! Where are my manners!

They are excellent. A huge improvement over the old ones what with having brakes and also giving each driver some space. Well done to Andy, Mike and Robin for getting them in place.

So what was your laptime on the white lane then Andy?

I just remembered that in my first heat I thought TrakMate had been installed so after 3 green lights I pulled the trigger. Not thinking that the start sequence was still the old one or anything. Dumkopf!
QUOTE (woodcote @ 12 Jan 2012, 08:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Gareth switched from his usual 'Various' to a mere 'Several' last night. One day he will find a couple of chassis to concentrate on

His Life Like was pretty fast, so Ned's 'C' final win was all the more impressive.
Actually I only ran a LifeLike for a single run during my disastrous white lane heat. I went straight into the lead and then stacked it on the first lap which took the body off and then it got dropped on the floor which bent the pickup spring hanger thing so the car was dead.

The rest of the evening I only ran one chassis which was one of my SG+s. Surprising I know!
Does anyone have any idea why it was making so much noise? I'm not fussed about it unless it is costing me performance but it would be nicer to have a WhisperJet like Andy's Mega G.

The pinned LifeLike didn't have the poise and grip I was after when I tried it in practise so I left it in the pitbox for the racing. It will be having some serious upgrades though in time for April!

I'm pleased that Andy showed that you can get MR-1 equalling performance out of a different chassis.

I'm very excited about this Mod season. I hope I can make the last 3 rounds.
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Great video Andy. And a lightning fast production time. Have you actually been to bed yet or are you still wired from your white lane heat?
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Hi Lee,

I think the problem is actually do to what you are viewing it on. I had a similar problem when I tried to view it through YouTube on my mobile. A problem I didn't have with my previous phone though for some reason.

Did you get an error message saying that the video creator had not enabled mobile viewing? I tried an earlier WHO video with the same result. But I did find I could view the video through SlotForum on my phone instead.

Andy, can you have a look at your YouTube account settings and see if there is some sort of check box that states enable mobile viewing or something similar?


My old phone was a Nokia touchscreen which might explain why I was able to view the videos on there whereas now I am a slave to the mighty Android.

I've just been looking at the scoresheet again. Ned's performance is even better than I previously suspected as his 52 laps was good enough for 2nd in the A Final which means he drove that car quicker than Daddy Dadson did! And my 48.8 just edged Darren's score as well although he was a bit held up by Hannah forgetting she was holding his car while trying to help Andy get going.
It really shows how important it is to get as much practise as possible before the race, learn your car and drive consistently (and without "outside interference!!) in the heats.

I also like the spread of machinery in the Top 8 with four different chassis types in the A Final and 6 different types across the A and B finals. Andrew mentioned to me that his Artin hadn't changed since the last Mod round so there is definitely more speed coming from that car.

John's car did look ominously quick last night but I think there is a lot more to come from elsewhere and there is a good chance of another car winning next time out.
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