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WHO Racing 2012 Round 1 - Modified - January 11

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2012 Mod class rules here.
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The Minis aren't rare but they are certainly popular. I had to go through several bidding wars to secure a pair. I've only got the Minis with chequer stripes on to go and I think I've completed the MS set.

I really like those purple Tyco chassis. Really makes the chassis look cool.

I've just dug out my racing cars in preparation for Mod preparation. I'm going to do a small amount of blue printing if I can manage it without killing too many cars and some tinkering with the few mod bits I have acquired.

I am somewhat amazed to discover I only have 4 LL-T chassis. For some reason I thought I had a lot more. Fortunate Robert may be getting an order at some point in the near future!!
Swaps ezzzzzz!!!

Anybody got a AFX Ford GT40 body that is not Black or Gold?

I have a spare Gold one that I'd like to swap with someone. Hopefully someone will come to my rescue

P.S Image of the Jan mod track will be posted soon.
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QUOTE (Pennyworth @ 3 Jan 2012, 22:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>working on a Marchon for mod, trying to fit the white jag micro scalextric body to it,

It should go straight onto a chassis with tabs, it might need a bit of double sided tape to stop it from moving around though.
I don't have any of the Daytonas or the GT40s. Not sure why but I've never got round to buying any.
Hi Andy, Any idea how much the purple cars will be up for in the shop???? I like the sound of fast!!!!!!!! Also may be the only way to race a new car at first meet
Also if you wish to find out wich is faster then an "oval race track" is avliable for hamsters selection of cars----bikes----or balls also avliable from all good pet stores-----I still think car tracks are easier to build than hamster homes!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Robin will decide the price when he puts them in the shop. I suspect they will come in somewhere between the SRTs and the Marchons that we have now. Although I can't for the life of me remember how much either of those were

They will be ready-to-race with lexan bodies.
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I think the WHO shop could be more popular than ever next Wednesday.

And it will be excellent if the McCann's do end up with the quick Tycos. The more people with ultra quick rocketships the better!
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Gareth you are only saying it would be nice to see us with rocketships so you can see how far the cars fly when we come off the track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Not at all Mike. As you discovered with your super Turbo back in October last year, the more modified the car, the more downforce you tend to have. I'm saying it is going to be good for the club as it means more competition for the top finals and more people with a chance to get their hands on a shiny medal.

And the great thing for you guys is that it gives you a fast car that you can learn about and understand as you progress through the season and then tinker with it and make it even quicker as you go.

I think buying a pre prepared Modified car is an excellent move and would recommend it to most people if they are unsure of how to start prepping their own cars.
That's what I have done Gareth bought a pre prepared mod car, thank you mr player!!!!
LeeH - you are a nutter, but in a good way. Glad to see you travelling all over for HO, just don't burn out.

Gareth, I think you will have to hand over your crown as KMIHO
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I love travelling for racing, won't ever burn out
QUOTE (montoya1 @ 5 Jan 2012, 10:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>LeeH - you are a nutter, but in a good way. Glad to see you travelling all over for HO, just don't burn out.

Gareth, I think you will have to hand over your crown as KMIHO

I think you might be right! I'm still massively keen but I've had to temper it what with the kid coming. Having fun developing my racing cars and hoarding lots of nice looking cars on the side.
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How long did your journey home last night take?
Still very dedicated mate. Did you have work the next day?
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