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WHO Racing 2012 Round 1 - Modified - January 11

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2012 Mod class rules here.
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Hi Lee,

I think the problem is actually do to what you are viewing it on. I had a similar problem when I tried to view it through YouTube on my mobile. A problem I didn't have with my previous phone though for some reason.

Did you get an error message saying that the video creator had not enabled mobile viewing? I tried an earlier WHO video with the same result. But I did find I could view the video through SlotForum on my phone instead.

Andy, can you have a look at your YouTube account settings and see if there is some sort of check box that states enable mobile viewing or something similar?


Other videos I can view with WHO but not this one :-( wanna see!!!
It's not a YouTube problem, but this does come up on the mobile syndication settings:

Note, the video may not be available on all devices due to copyright or licensing issues.
Are you using the YouTube app or watching via a browser? Worth trying both.
Tried both mobile, browser and iPad app and won't work, sometimes comes down to song copyright
Lee, it won't play on my iphone but will on my Mac, if it doesn't play on your ipad it's an issue with Adobe Flash as Apple don't allow Flash to be used on their mobile devices. I've played all of Andys' videos before on my iphone with no problem so maybe he's saved or made this 1 differently.

Sorry my post should read 'could' be an issue with Adobe Flash, I don't profess to be an expert

I know in the past, when I have posted videos I've done myself, it wouldn't play on my iphone and this was down to the way I saved the finished video, I had to change the format, not 100% sure but think it was to .mov, for it to play on phone.

Great vid btw Andy

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I always save the vids as Windows Media files. I guess that might be why Apple devices have problems? Or it's because YouTube is a Flash-based platform? Obviously everything should be Apple, it would make everything much simpler
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If you haven't found them, the first championship tables of the year are here.

Although not included in the championships section, we can look at the WHO family bragging rights table from time to time:

If I've missed any obscure blood ties, do let me know
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My old phone was a Nokia touchscreen which might explain why I was able to view the videos on there whereas now I am a slave to the mighty Android.

I've just been looking at the scoresheet again. Ned's performance is even better than I previously suspected as his 52 laps was good enough for 2nd in the A Final which means he drove that car quicker than Daddy Dadson did! And my 48.8 just edged Darren's score as well although he was a bit held up by Hannah forgetting she was holding his car while trying to help Andy get going.
It really shows how important it is to get as much practise as possible before the race, learn your car and drive consistently (and without "outside interference!!) in the heats.

I also like the spread of machinery in the Top 8 with four different chassis types in the A Final and 6 different types across the A and B finals. Andrew mentioned to me that his Artin hadn't changed since the last Mod round so there is definitely more speed coming from that car.

John's car did look ominously quick last night but I think there is a lot more to come from elsewhere and there is a good chance of another car winning next time out.
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Looks like we have to get this Dadson Jnr person along to nationals

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Vid 'not available on mobile' using my BlackBerry too.

Conratulations all on what looks like a great night, well done John. Great to see such a range of chassis in use especially Andys mega, love seeing the potential of the platform being explored. Why do you think the rear bushing popped, impact or something to do with the different gears?
QUOTE (montoya1 @ 12 Jan 2012, 16:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks like we have to get this Dadson Jnr person along to nationals


It depends on how much trouble Mike was in for getting him home so late last night!

I lent one of my cars to another Junior and he did the whole race looking at the monitor, other cars, the sky and the people round the room and he managed to win with it clocking up 42 laps. I saw him look at the car maybe twice the whole race. He found the setting that the car did a whole lap on and let it get on with it! He didn't even notice he'd crashed at one point. Very funny to watch.

Ned on the other hand did look at his car and really drove it round the whole track. He's very focused and very fast!

Sadly, I won't be joining you on Sunday Deane. After being on the raz last weekend, I'm having a weekend with the missus.
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QUOTE (marctownsend @ 12 Jan 2012, 16:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Vid 'not available on mobile' using my BlackBerry too.

If it's not just Apples' stuff it's probably, as said by others, a music © thing then maybe. I also seem to remember reading somewhere that it can take a day for Youtube to make videos compatible with phones, so maybe tomorrow eh.

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QUOTE (marctownsend @ 12 Jan 2012, 16:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Why do you think the rear bushing popped, impact or something to do with the different gears?
One time (or was it two?) the Dazmeister nerfed me into a barrier. Although Darren was very apologetic, neither were massive impacts. Another 'popping' incident was my one badly-timed-braking mistake of the evening, but nothing too awful. The other time I ran into a car being marshalled, not a big impact, but clearly the pinion decided to go up the crown gear and pulled out the bushing.

That last incident in particular shows there is something quite fragile at the back at very high speeds. Or maybe there is a weakness on that particular chassis? The arm hadn't been out of the car before last night...

The bushings are very exposed on the stock chassis and - in my mod - the gearing is also not very well supported (I've moved the pinion off the axle since that pic was taken).

I'm thinking a gear saver might help with some stability. I might also try another type of axle, the Tyco one feels quite loose (which is a good thing, but maybe a problem too). A stock G3 axle worked nicely last year in the Audi. I'll see if I can find one I didn't wreck in my BSRT pro-mod days

A more adventurous idea is to make a clip out of piano wire that hooks over the bushing (like on the front of a Wizzard). I can't drill the chassis, but there are options to hook wire onto.

I don't want to drop the Mega-G project, it was a huge step forward last night

Re. the video - I think Paul could be right. Let's give it 24 hours to see if YouTube and mobile devices manage to talk to each other...
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Ok a question now!!!

With the "family" score table do I have to/can I drop a score as there are 3 of us not fair to be beaten by a 2 person team dont you think?????? Actually can I just drop both Stephen and Daniels scores and take Dadson jr scores
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Unless you can show me the adoption papers, you're stuck with your own kids in this one - and they are stuck with you

It's only a bit of fun, but I'll add up all the family members' scores. So having a 3-racer team does give an advantage - in theory. Not that I'm encouraging a baby-boom in BN12 or anything
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QUOTE (woodcote @ 12 Jan 2012, 16:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If I've missed any obscure blood ties, do let me know

John Ferrigno is my Dad. Little known fact. And aren't you my cousin!!
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ehhh,thats my boy
,fine pair of shoulders..
..didn't he do well...he started off slowly but in the final he was going for it...he even posted more laps than me!!!!!! theres some lessons for all of us there...
..he was buzzing when we got home.......and I didn't get into to much trouble!!!!!

Wow what superb opening night for the 2012 season..Congrats to the now stock winners John and callum
... but the competion is catching up...

Thanks to Robin, Andy and Dave and all involved in set up and tear down....sorry i couldn't hang around...

Some great new cars..Andys super smooth mega-g,but again he suffered some bad luck in the final..Gareths sg+ with the realalistic sound
...... Darren and mikes new harden creek jobbies.....And the now keenest man in H.O. lees lifelike. Watch out Lee, pint sized has got his eye on that rookie title too
..... The Mccanns bag of wine gums....

As usual results and vid on the forum faster than a speeding bullet and I like the family points table,nice one Andy.....

Looking forward to some NASCAR mayhem
Roll on feb

Cheers MikeD and pint sized Ned
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Looking forward to a season long battle mike for the rookie cup with dadson junior
Ok Mike Big question of the day now, if it was wine gums for mod class what would you like to see at nascar????? Fruit pastiles,,haribo????? The choice is yours
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