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Should be a fun fast flowing night tonight,,,, and just to get the ball polling here is what I shall be racing,,,,,,,,


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Glad to see a Yorkshire Man follow a local team!!!

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We had 23 on the grid this evening for F1. We welcomed Tony and Callum to the Barn for their first WHO races.

We also welcomed Keith and Deborah back - they arrived from the States this morning. A bowl of M&Ms with regular re-fills kept them (and us) going...

It was a great night of racing on a tricky track, with great battles for top Tyco and top rookie honours as well as the winner's and top junior medals

This was the A final line-up

And it was big congrats to Mike and Ned after a very close and exciting race

Top rookie and top Classic Cup runner was Ewan - a very impressive performance by the youngster.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it such an excellent evening of racing - particularly to Mike Mc on race control (and for his race report....) and to all those who helped set up and pack away.

More pics are over on Flickr and updated championship tables are on the website.

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And now Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls for your reading displeasure is the one and only Mcrace report!!!!!!!!!!!

The heats went past in a blaze of flying cars, particularly anyone in white lane which seemed to be the gutter of all gutter lanes, and constant questioning as to
where the noisy McCann was(maths exam first thing in morning put pay to any racing), So with a bit of pressure off how would Ned perform?????

At the half-way point the junior line up was seeming to go to form with Ned as top junior, the adult section looked a bit different,,, the top 4 adults were Andy(1),
Simon(3), Mike D(yes Mr unbeatable MR Dadson)(4) and after running in the 2 "best lanes" Mike M (me!!!!!!!)(2), now could Mr D restore the natural balance to
the universe or had Keith's Star Treck t-shirt sent him to infinity and beyond??????????So to cut a lot of typing down(as spell check is shouting at me!) going in
to last heats Mike M needed a good score on white to claim pole---but hang on what is this Mr Dadson looking at white lane, is it a dastardly trick to scupper all
plans??? No whatever he did made white run just a tiny bit smoother and enabled the top driver- the head honcho- Mr Cool To be MMMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!

So now onto the real racing---
H Final Started off close as Ben and Hayley took position at the start line, unfortunately this was the closest Hayley would be all race as Ben mastered Red
lane leaving Hayley with problems and too many "offs" in the bottom section. As the flag dropped there was a 2 lap lead for Ben who steps up to,

G Final With 2 younger racers in Ben and Callum against Paul and Neal would it be youthful exuberance or wise heads that would land victory? Ben in the tricky
white lane struggled and could only manage 4th, Neal who complained of car trouble managed 3rd despite choosing red lane. The driver looking good for the win
was young Callum in yellow lane all he had to do was stay on to take the win---famous last words
as nearing the end disaster struck with 2 trips to the table to
let Paul nip through to take the win(secretly I think he was told to let Paul win!!!), a brilliant attempt and oh so close to the win for Callum but Paul marches on
to the white lane in the

F Final This was a hotly anticipated family affair with Aaron(son) and Jamie(dad) being joined by "wildcard" first timer Tony and Paul. As the lights disappeared
it became a battle between the family with the lead changing so many times that race control could not keep up!!!!!( I know it`s not the first time!) Tony put on
a very solid display to come home 3rd with Paul being another driver to fall victim to white in 4th, but with only 2 laps left Aaron in the lead suddenly stopped to
let marshalls clear a car that had managed to jump lanes causing a disaster as his Dad roared past. As the flag fell with race control watching the screen to see
the winner Aaron came back to win by 0.86 seconds!!!!!!! So Aaron up to the

E Final Deborah choosing white lane was only one shock of the night as the cars lined up Deborah was facing the might of Neil T Bob and Aaron could this be
one for the girls? The lights go out and Bob and Deb start tussling over the lead, Neil put in a valiant effort but as is so often the story with every driver one off
too many left him in third, Aaron finished in 4th, was this due to tricky white or all the excitement of beating his Dad in previous race leaving him drained???
A close battle ended when Deb decided to look at the table rather than the track and Bob staying on steps up to

D Final Which saw Bob facing Tony(is my rear end too wide) Morris rookie Andrew and rookie Barry, An entertaining race was won by Tony despite trying his
to throw everything away in the closing stages a 7 second lead should have been a lot bigger,, could he make amends in the

C Final Not only was this final another "oldie" v "youngie" with the oldies being Corey and Ewan and Duncan and Tony being the youngies(I don't want to upset
Tony anymore than I have) it was also the Classic cup final both young Ewan and (older) Duncan using the tyco`s. As the cars whined away from the start Corey
made sure that no one else would get a look in with a very controlled and polished performance to take a light to flag win! The battle for the Classic cars was
settled by youth beating experience again as Ewan made a very strong claim for driver of the night by finishing second, Duncan rolled in third after rolling his car
several times with the other experienced driver Tony finishing 4th. So onto white for Corey in the

B Final Corey was right up with the big boys in this final but white once again claimed another victim as he trailed in 4th Keith and Simon battle all race with
Simon coming out on top but both were unable to keep up with a smooth driving and VERY SILENT Ned who took to the

A Final Where I have no idea what happened as for the first time ever I was in it!!!!!! I think too long staring at pc screens and no driving unsettled my rhythm
so all I could do was limp round until near the end of the race when I finally started driving to move ahead of Andy but no one was able to keep up with the
Deadly Dadson Duo, once again Ned proved if he stays silent then his racing can be top notch!!!!
So congratulations to Mike and Ned and without doubt the joint drivers of the night were Hayley and Neil McKnight,, who else would be so committed to racing
To turn up on their wedding anniversary congrats on 9 years, after last night will there be many more?????
Next round is Nascar on the 1st of July and Good news, I`m not doing the report as it is a no show from the McCann`s!!!!!!! Have fun everyone

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Great report, thanks Mike

It was a really close A final. I thought I might have it in the early stages... I had one off and Ned went past, then another and Mike D went through to chase down Ned and then I dropped to last place right at the end

I really do need a new armature in that car (I think I've been saying that for 18 months).

Video to follow soon!
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