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WHO Racing at the Nationals 2012-13

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Worthing HO Racing members race in the EAHORC national series one Sunday per month from September to July. Our club will host the final round of the 2012-13 season on Sunday 30 June, at the Heene Community Centre.

Eleven WHO racers took part in EAHORC events last season, and there were plenty of WHO successes, including a record eight race wins for John, Robin, Andy and Mike and the Main Grade championship for Mike. We came third in the club championship.

The new season kicks off at Yelling near Cambridge on Sunday 2 September, with the second round in Ipswich on Sunday 30 September. We club together to run a car up to each round, so let us know asap if you're interested in coming along (full calendar below).

An EAHORC meeting is like two WHO Racing events back-to-back. Practice starts at 9.30am and racing at 10am with the Open Wheel heats and finals. After a break for lunch, racers decide which one out of 4 classes - Nascar, LMP, Modified or Pro-modified - they will race in during the afternoon. The classes run in mixed heats and then separate out for the finals. The day usually finishes around 4-4.30pm. You can always choose to race in one session or both.

WHO Racing F1 Mega-G cars will be competitive in the morning. If you don't have your own car, club cars are available. In the afternoon, a WHO F1 Mega-G with a LMP body (loaners available) can be run in LMP and a WHO Nascar can run in the Nascar class. WHO Mod cars are not eligible in Eahorc Mod but can run in pro-mod.

This thread will be where we report back on club members' exploits in the national series. EAHORC has a page on this forum too, click here to read more.

The 2012-13 EAHORC calendar:

02/09/2012 - Yelling, Cambs
30/09/2012 - Ipswich
28/10/2012 - Chatham, Kent
02/12/2012 - King's Lynn
24/02/2013 - Chatham, Kent
24/03/2013 - Marlborough, Wilts
21/04/2013 - Ipswich
19/05/2013 - Norwich
Saturday 08/06/2013 - Edmonton North London
30/06/2013 - Worthing (Heene Centre)

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I just emailed Deane asking for the HONK date. The plan is that one plus the Worthing round and possibly Edmo if I can manage it.

So I'll start work now on Emily!!
Not long to go now till Chatham. I'm looking forward to my first EAHORC race in a whole year!

Who else is going from the club? I could do with organising a lift!


I'd say you were a WHO racer! You've raced with us longest and developed the race screen system.
Actually I was 3rd (out of three) in Closed Wheel.

So pleased for Andy and Andrew. Andy was completely dominant in Pro-Mod. Very much Martin's heir apparent and it would almost be worth the long drive to Kings Lynn to see the battle between them. Almost.

And Andrew's win was great. I've never seen that bodyshell go so fast!
I will be joining you for all four of the rounds on the run in to the championship gold and hoping to bring a couple of pots back to WHO myself. Fingers crossed.
Maingrade is my main goal actually. I've outscored Dave H in both mornings I've raced in. Enough to make me think I could overtake him. Which will be one better than my minor maingrade pot from a couple of years ago.

I'm also aiming for CW minor which will be much much tougher. In fact I have to prepare the cars this weekend.
I'll be there along with an army of brothers plus my Dad which should be interesting. He was very quick in our fun session on Monday night. He was also the only sober one but such is life!

I am happy to help anyone with any advice, tuning or anything else that you might require.
That's a shame Mike although I'm sure you will have a lovely time up in London.

The next EAHORC visit to WHO is in October I believe. Get the date from the EAHORC forum section and get it in your diary now!
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Perhaps we could find a willing WHO person to chaperone Stephen and Daniel to the Heene? If they're not heading to London, it seems a shame for them to miss out on racing as well.

I should be available for some set up duties. I will need to clear it with management though!

If we don't see my brother Michael this round, I wonder if we can tempt him over for the round on St Michael's day which is also, funnily enough, his birthday!
As LeeT and Palros aren't racing at the Heene, I should pick up the OW Main Grade Minor Championship too. Not quite a major but still nice to add a third EAHORC title to my collection. I think I'm a bit too far behind Al for the CW Minor and obviously not being at Edmo hurt my scoring.
Popped over to the Heene to help set up and spent an hour putting the copper connectors into the BSTS track joints. Tedious job but in very enjoyable company.

The track looks really fun to drive and judging by Mike's Mega G and Andy's Nascar, blisteringly quick!

Can't wait till tomorrow's race.
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