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I was reading through all the NBase threads and documents and became very interested in the project. So if you are starting with pre-build sets I will be interested for sure! It would be great to be able to use all of the steps available and to customize the curves.

I'm rather new to the slotcarworld, and have a few points I don't understand yet and I hope someone could clarify them.
- Is the simple h mod only used as (better) alternative to power the track? We race with 3 players max at the same time at a short ninco-d track (first masterset) and we do not experience any problems with the power delivered through the powerbase.
- In the nbase manual is stated that you can make it with either the db9 or the rj9 connectors. But I don't understand how you would easily connect controllers when you use the db9 connectors? We only have the ninco digital controllers which are delivered with the digital set.
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