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Gentlemen etc

Nuro has put it shortly and sweetly above.
Swissracer had already posted the official Admin position on what is a difficult area.
Here it is, for better or for worse:

Swiss Statement

Unfortunately, as we all know, no single statement can please all of the people all of the time.
So now my supporting position:

It is practically impossible, to draw absolute, unequivocal lines that will cover all possible circumstances and we are genuinely sorry that, occasionally, some people will disagree with our position and that is quite natural.

However, let me state absolutely clearly that we will not permit uncontrolled public debate on how the forum is managed or on Admin/moderation decisions and such topics WILL be closed and/or deleted on the straightforward basis of being OFF TOPIC with regard to slot cars.

Constructive suggestions or complaints may be addressed PRIVATELY to Admin or a moderator, leaving the Forum Boards free and clear for their function, which is to discuss slot cars and related subjects, rather than be hijacked for 'political debate'.
Yes, of course there can be overlap and, as mentioned, it's sometimes very hard to know where to draw a clear line. But, for better or for worse, such difficult decisions are, of absolute necessity an Admin function and that must be accepted.
So let's get back to the hobby that brings us all here and enjoy it.
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