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only a week ago we were all eagerly awaiting the monday so we could all go and collect our reserved carrera sets oh how we laughed at the expense of argos and their loss was it seams our gain.
but it seams we cannot enjoy the spoils of victory with each other as when anyone mentions ahem "them sets" the topic gets locked i purchsed 5 of these items with the intention of building a carrera layout some people purchased them witha view to make a few quid i dont have a problem with that but censorship over a harmless topic like this seems a little hasty and strong and can only add to the discontent.
this is a forum for discussing all things slot related and these items fall under that catagory so lets openly discuss like adults i am new to this forum i came here because the other forum i frequented was seamingly over moderated and seamingly biased so i came here on a recommendation i only hope i havent brought this nasty virus with me

lets openly talk about these things or is big brother going to spoil the fun
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