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Adrian Norman (aka Mr Scalextric PR) just informed me I won the September Scalextric website comp. Prior to this year I've not won anything before but now I won a GS comp (which started my connection with them) and this Scalextric one.

Well what did I win? GT40 as run by Juan Pablo Montoya in the Goodwood Festival. Not sure how you know it was touched by his hands, I presume he signed it. This car might have to be my first shelf queen even though its not MIB!

What I can say is that 2003 has been the most lucky slot car related year by far. Still 3 months to go! Might have to do the lottery.

I'll post some photos once our delightful postal service do their best.


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Well done tuck. Thats pretty amazing. Its the first time a forum member has one a competition from Scalextric ("UK Wars" excepted but that involved skill)! Amazing.

To continue this run of good luck stories I won a competition at work today and won £100!!!!

And beyond that my name was drawn out of a hat to do £175 worth of overtime (after tax!!)(including bonus and allowances) on Saturday for 4 hours work! 20 folk applied for that! Amazing.

The Tucker prize

The question is are you going to run it Matt or put a plaque above it on the mantlepiece? And are there any marks on the car indicating that Montoya offed?

Anymore good luck tales?

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