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Why are magnets viewed so negatively?

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Our Spanish friend has stated that 99% of club racing in Spain in raced with cars that have magnets removed. Rally car racing is very popular in Spain by all accounts and so this may have something to do with this very high percentage. I have yet to visit any club in Britain that caters for rally cars or has a circuit purpose built for rallying. The closest I have seen is Matt Tuckers time trial circuit at the Phoenis GT day.

Time and time again members at Slotforum say cars should run properly without magnets and that racing with magnets is for beginners as the magnets act as an aid like stabalisers on a bicycle.

What is wrong with racing with magnets?

What is wrong with manufacturers building cars that have magnets as an aid?

Basically I cannot see anything wrong with either so why continue to condemn those folk who enjoy racing with magnets, or those manufacturers who design to a standard with a magnet fitted. If a magnet makes manufacturers lazy then so what!

If the car runs OK out of the box with the magnet then surely that is what it is all about at the end of the day.

If anything a magnet acts as model downforce which adds realism to the handling of a car.

If folk choose to remove the magnet then surely those same folk cannot condemn the manufacturer for making cars that subsequently wobble and require work (in their opinion). It seems a very silly thing to do when you think about!

Ultimately cars have had magnets for many years and wobbling wheels. Nothing here has changed. Yet the hobby has grown over this time.

What has caused this growth?

Certainly not improved mechanicals as these are constantly condemned by those who know best.

Maybe its the detail and the better looking cars?

Improved mechanicals do not appear to have grown the hobby but better looking cars have. And strangely during this period of growth magnets have got stronger.

And through all this time we have heard the cries of "manufacturers should build cars with a decent chassis".


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QUOTE we have heard the cries of "manufacturers should build cars with a decent chassis".
Which translates to actually saying he positively does not want a car with a decent chassis!
A new pinnacle of perverse perspicacity!

Moped is a toy manufacturers favourite dream . . .
and the genuine slot racer's worst nightmare.

As for
QUOTE I am not dragging up the magnet debate.
This is so utterly, blatantly, ***ing contradictory that it isn't worth responding to further.
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QUOTE "I don't see how this answers the question which is why do mainly club slot car racers keep saying that manufacturers should improve their chassis."
That isn't the "question" you asked Mop.

The "questions" you initially posed were
QUOTE What is wrong with racing with magnets?
What is wrong with manufacturers building cars that have magnets as an aid?

I enclose "questions" in quotes as they are not so much genuine questions, seeking answers as a deliberate provocation to disagreement, going so far as to put words into the anticipated opposition mouths when there actually was no opposition - until you decided to reopen the age old argument for the umpteenth time and create opposition for the sake of it.

Then, when you repost, you ask a quite different "question", one that with your vast experience, you really ought to be able to answer yourself, and actually could very easily as the answer to it is so glaringly obvious. Let's face it; you are really just creating argument for the sake of it, not in pursuit of truth and knowledge or even the healthy exchange of differing ideas. It's a bit boring after the zillionth repeat, as is over use of the word "negative" always used to put down anything and anyone that is personally disagreed with.

It would be absolutely understandable if a newcomer asked these question, as we would assume he genuinely wanted to hear opinions and not simply be looking for trouble.
Are you running out of ideas?
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Maybe "rubbish" is a bit strong!
Certainly we could wish them to be better than they are with magnet removed, but so could most cars designed to run with them.
Which answers Moped's pseudo "question" in the other thread as to why so many people would prefer better designed chassis in the first instance.
Because ALL cars would benefit, whether magnetised or not.
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