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Okay, so I am a little bored at the moment.

Anyway, here is an idea for you. I am away next week and so will have no access to the forum so you have all next week to come up with your answer. On this forum thread only, finish the following thread:

I deserve a present from Gaugemaster because.....

in less that 25 words. the best one as judged by me when I get back from holiday will win a Fly PA4 Viper. I will contact the winner for their details and announce them on the forum.



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I will not be entering this because Aaron is already sending me a present (see thread in CARS on BMW axles etc) and so I would feel extremely guilty if by some fluke I came up with the best excuse. I am declaring a conflict of intersts as it were.

Best of luck, people. The Viper looks beautiful.


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I deserve a present from Gaugemaster because..... minulla on vasta sataseitsemänkymmentäkolme autoa, eikä tuo kyseinen malli kuulu vielä kokoelmaani. Saapa nähdä mitä tästä seuraa koska tuskin monikaan osaa suomea.

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Good idea. Hmmmm. Got it!

"I deserve the pressie from Gaugemaster because I too will put it in the charity auction at Phoenix and because..... so far I haven`t posted the photos on Slot Forum of Aaron that I secretly took of him on his last `Slot Conference` in a dubious district of Amsterdam!!

· Allan Wakefield
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That will do it Jonny !

Failing that I will donate something for the Pheonix Auction if you DO print them and be damned anyway - We like a good laugh at others expense here.

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we deserve a present from gaugemaster cos.......... the lil one says we dont deserve one we demand one!!!! cos we only been in this hobby since xmas and so far due to the expense of buying cars from all of gaugemasters outlets we have had the car repossessed the building society has taken the house back and the bank have refused any more credit the wife has left me my friends dont speak to me cos i always want to race slot cars ive sold the baby cos all he wants to do is crawl over our track ! an we need that fly viper for the little one to race at the forthcoming getslotted pheonix super duper meet next sunday

we know it was more than the allocated amount of words but we dont expect to win anyways he he
kevin an the lil one connor
ps did i hear someone once say this was only a hobby ???
hitler planned less than we do for our racing !!!!

· Simon Moss (Undisputed #1 Racer Fan)
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Well here's my effort:

I deserve a present from Gaugemaster because…..

Giants in steam
Engines, locomotives,
Model scenery
And especially
Slot cars
That are
Engineered for
Racing that would enhance my collection


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My daughter Amy (nearly 4) says........

I deserve a present from Gaugemaster because.....I am lovely!!!

This is her answer/excuse for nearly everything (usually accompanied by a big grin and hugs and kisses) - and it works, dammit!

I say....

I deserve a present from Gaugemaster because.....Amy keeps trashing my cars!

PS If she wins I'll probably have to paint it pink and/or purple!

and Amy
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