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Wiggle Trace Intro

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Hi there,
I retired a year ago and returned to the UK (Cambridge) just in time for the first lockdown.

I was schooled in Scalextric, Revell, and later home builds on a short, fixed, home circuit in the early 60s. 30 years later I tried Aurora and Tyco HO sets. They had a lot going for them but the magnetic downforce and close spaced crash barriers became a negative and interest waned. Last year I figured how to convert Tyco track to copper tape and fitted all the HO cars (G+,Tomy, and Tyco 440s) with braided pick ups to run on them. For traction weight I adapted Hot Wheels die cast metal bodyshells to fit the chassis.

I now have a 4 lane, 11.5m flyover circuit with shoulders all round (no crash barriers). I have a dozen fast cars, many are Porsche 911s because they have the short wheel bases that match most of the standard size chassis (39mm wheel base).

I learned to program in Python on a Raspberry Pi and have a reliable lap counter and millisecond timer using infra red sensors. I made duplicate 2.8" displays for each driver too. Lap record = 6.022 secs. It all works well and if anyone else wants to try to do the same I have a load of experience I'd be pleased to share.

Wiggle Trace
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Welcome wiggle trace!

I've got to say - hot wheels slot cars sounds like my son's dream phrase! Would love to see some photos of these inside and out?

Was only looking at hot wheels RC conversions with him yesterday... 😁
Hi Wiggle and welcome! I'm sure people will be interested in the lapcounter and the conversions that you have done to the cars... Any pictures?
Hi and welcome

Your track development sounds interesting.

Thanks for your interest Being a newcomer to Slot Forum I 've got a lot to figure out including how to post images. It simply isn't there / doesn't work. I'll keep trying. Here's another attempt .....
I think I've got it now.

Here's two track views, the infra-red sensor gantry (Lego), hand controller and satellite lap counter display, detail of the display, and the underside of a Hot Wheels conversion.

Take a look at forum topic 'Taping Tyco Track' in HO scale topic

I'll make a block diagram of the lap counter circuit for you.


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The wiggle_trace lap counter & timer schematic


Here's the Lap Counter schematic and an HW car conversion pics


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A nice and flowing layout and lots of thoughts out-of-the-box executed really well.

Keep up the good work and enjoy!

I love it.

Is there a chance for a video, to see the dynamics of the converted diecast cars?

Thanks Diegu, I'll work on a video for you. In the mean time, the car handling isn't too difficult if the tyres and track are clean ( isopropyl alcohol works very well). Driver skill and good timing is needed. It's easy to hit the throttle too early and too hard when coming out of the corners - wheels spin, traction goes, and the weight of the tail swings the car. But, with the shoulders I put beside the track and no crash barriers, it's the same for all lanes so a fair test of driving skill more than engine power.
Cool, such characteristics where what I would have expected - given the additional mass of the body. Sounds like handling we know from the larger scales.

I remember H0-Racing (Faller AMS without mags) in the 1970's. I really loved it. Anyhow, I restarted hobby some 20 years ago using the larger scales 132 / 124. Seems I went to opposite way compared to you

May be time to try an H0 car on my current track...
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