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I called-in to my local Hobbycraft yesterday and they still had a few Scalextric Top Gear Power Laps sets going very cheap - £39.99. This morning I decided to get one as it had all the track I need to complete my Sport track upgrade, cheaper than buying all the individual parts from Jadlams, plus I'd have a few leftovers that I could either keep for spares or punt-on.

So, off I go, plastic in hand.

Get home, take all the old classic out of the layout and insert the Sport from the new set. So far, so good.

Grab my Corolla WRC for a few test laps. Still good.

But................ I hadn't got 'round to fitting the crash barriers. On a section where the track is at the edge of the table, the car de-slotted and dropped over a metre onto the bare floorboards.

I'm now in the process of re-building the car.
The chassis mount posts are broken, but other than that the shell is intact as is the glazing. I'll be robbing another Corolla for any bits and pieces I need, such as the headlights.

Guess what my next job is.........?
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